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Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Turks Show the Power of Community in London Riots

Meinhaj Hussain,

London (GS) - A general call to arms in the Turkish, Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities have helped protect London from masked rioters. Night riots in London started in Tottenham neighborhoods that erupted following protests over the shooting of a local man by London police. Over 200 people have thus far been arrested and London has been left looking like Cairo or Tunis with gutted stores, buildings, and cars, along with widespread violence and looting. 

Reports indicate that London's Muslim community, hereto vilified and discriminated has stood up against rioters. They have been widely praised by common Londoners for their actions. Last night around 400 Pakistanis fought hundreds of Afro-Caribbean youth near the Green Street area, driving them back to Forest Gate. The Bangladeshi community has done similarly in Whitechapel, along with the Turks who acted similarly in North London.

In Dalston, the Turkish community fought running battles with masked youths. Turks own many shops in the area and took matters in their own hands as the security situation worsened. In Stoke Newington, affluent neighborhoods with large white populaces, there was admiration and praise for the Turkish protection of the streets against the rioters.

Whitechapel is home to Britain's largest Bangladeshi population and when about 70 masked rioters entered the area, they were chased out of the neighbourhood by Bengali youths gathered for evening prayers outside the East London Mosque. Muslims are enjoined by Islam to act for the community and the community spirit shown brightly throughout the Muslim neighborhoods of London. 

Sadly however, a number of deaths have also been reported. Three Muslim youths have died after they were overrun by rioters. Two of them were brothers and have possibly been identified as Mustafa and Shahzad Hussain. BBC however did not find it necessary to report the death of these Muslims, defending London.Edit: BBC later reported the deaths.
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