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Toronto Imam Charged with Sexual Assault

Meinhaj Hussain,

TORONTO - Mohammad Masroor, an imaam at a Toronto masjid is now facing 13 charges of sexual assault and threats to five alleged victims. On cue, various Muslims of Toronto are expressing bewilderment and surprise at these allegations. However, such behavior has been an increasing problem in various masjids worldwide. In Bangladesh, where Masroor hails from, there are madrassahs where a nightly guard must be kept to make sure children do not get into each other's beds. In Pakistan, gay and other sexual perversion is so high that Pathan truck drivers are "proud" to display young good looking boys next to them on their routes. In Malaysia, incest is rife among the Muslim populace.Muslims worldwide are a major consumer of pornography.

Islam does not approve an organized theology, man is supposed to connect directly with Allah and the leader of the community is to lead the prayers. But these theological usurpers have taken control of Islam and are completely incompetent at dealing with the problems of the community. For every problem, they have simple ready-made answers - it's always a weakness of imaan, taqwa, akhlaq, aqeeda or any host or random rubbish they can come up with. Their own mental retardation is a result of disuse - memorizing texts without understanding and reflection will do little for your cognitive development. It is no surprise that the difference in mental development of a 6 year old Western child has little variance from those even in the poorest Third World, but at the age of 11 the difference becomes a vast, unbridgeable chasm. 

Yet, sexual or cognitive issues are not known to such men because they have only ever learned theology. It is as if a surgeon has studied all the books but has never performed surgery and is now placed as the head of a surgical department and to perform surgery. In the end, it is we Muslims who have suffered the most. A complete lack of understanding of social problems and issues has paralyzed the Muslim Ummah ever since we decided that, because of the Mongol invasion of Baghdad, we must focus on religious eduction and separate it from "secular" knowledge. 

What will it take to wake-up the Muslim Ummah? No amount of writing can go past the firewall of avoiding controversy or to see raising this issues as an attack rather than a cry for help. We have followed the Jews and the Christians, until we have landed in the same snake hole. And in the Quran is written:

Because Allah will never change the Grace which He hath bestowed on a people until they change what is in their (own) souls: and verily Allah is He Who heareth and knoweth (all things). (8:53)

But we are not only unwilling to change ourselves, we are averse to even consider that something is wrong. To all the readers of this piece, know that by your inaction and silence, you are part and parcel of the problem, and I shall insh'Allah bear witness against all of you that you have gone astray and were part and parcel of leading the people astray. If Allah ever gives me the strength, I shall grab these theological overlords and put them, along with the secular elite, in forced labor camps where they can repay the Ummah for the damage they have done. Let them for a change earn an honest day's living.
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