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EDL to Firebomb Mosques Under Riot Cover

Meinhaj Hussain,

The English Defence League, so fond of talking about defending England have done nothing to protect London, while the Muslim community has been at the forefront of not only defending themselves, but protecting others, as testified by countless Londoners. The question must be asked: What have the EDL done to defend England while the riots have been happening? Nothing, considering that they are supposedly patriots who love their country, they've not been out with other communities to protect and police their own areas. Nor have they helped clean up as others are. This is because they are hate filled scum, who don't care about anything and are only interested in spreading hate. They do not have the balls or brains to do anything productive to benefit society, the very society they claim they are working in "defence" of.

The scumbags of EDL instead are now planning to firebomb mosques nationally! They are openly discussing this in private online forums. The great geniuses plan to use the riots as a cover. these cowardly racist thugs at the EDL are planning on firebombing mosques around the UK. This is news directly off their private forums. They are forgetting their common sense and should realize that the "English Defence League" has now effectively become an English, white raced, Christian, terrorist outfit.

MPACUK is calling all Muslims to be vigilant and ensure that others know of this threat.
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