In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
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Message from Zaid Hamid


We refuse to live with humiliation any more. We shall live with dignity and inshallah when the time come - would die with honour. We want to live in peace but not at the cost of our dignity, faith, honor and lands. If they want to live in peace with Muslims, they should first leave our lands. We assure them peaceful co-existance then.... If they continue to occupy our lands, humiliate our faith, rape our sisters and enslave our future, we shall resist with all what we have got. We are not hate mongers nor desire war. We just want to live as per our faith, with dignity and respect.

Pakistan, this Medina e Sani, is the last fortress of the Muslim Ummah. We know our role and duty as well as the destiny. Inshallah, this manifest destiny awaits the shaheens of Iqbal!! Pakistan Zindabaad!

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