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Brother Will Coley at Florida Political Roundtable

Meinhaj Hussain

Assallamalaikum. Brother Will Coley, a convert Muslim and political activist will be scheduled to appear on Florida Political Roundtable with Reagan and Al Gore Spry n 5:40 a.m. Orlando. The producers are encouraging Adam Hasner, a rabid anti-Muslim Islamophobe, to appear opposite me on the show to discuss his "expertise" in shariah. Adam Hasner is of Jewish background. As of yet there has been no response but it would be helpful to have as many sympathetic listeners and callers on the show as possible. I was hoping you could spread the word to those you know, insh'Allah. Insh'Allah Hasner will accept the invitation and his complete lack of knowledge of Islam and Shariah can be exposed in a public forum.

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