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Bixby Police Islamophobia

Meinhaj Hussain,

Scott Henderson, Islamophobe Cop of Bixby, OK
Bixby, OK: At a time of rising prejudice against Muslims, Bixby Police yesterday pulled over a Muslim convert, John Ayyoob Morris on the claim that he was not wearing his seat belt. John, a devout Muslim bears testimony that he was wearing his seat belt. 

The police officer, one Scott Henderson, who is known for his love of imported German K-9s, threatened to put Brother Morris in the slammer if he didn't sign the ticket. Brother Morris refused to sign the ticket since he was being wrongly accused, but later acquiesced and will be filing a lawsuit against the Islamophobe officer and the Bixby Police.

We hope that CAIR's Oklahoma chapter headed by Razi Hashmi and Coordinator Huda Abdul-Razak take note and help litigate Bixby Police. Another issue that needs to be investigated is the role of training. It has been learned that many openly anti-Muslim individuals are providing Islam-related training in various police departments throughout the United States. Whether this is a result on one such anti-Muslim training course or merely locally bred prejudice can perhaps be investigated. 

CAIR Oklahoma can be reached here and the Bixby Police department information is given below:

116 West Needles Avenue
Bixby, OK 74008-4410, United States
(918) 366-8294
Court Clerk 366-0424
City of Bixby
(918) 366-4430
Non-Emergency Police
(918) 366-8294

Mayor Ray Bowen
PO Box 70
Bixby, OK 74008 

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