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Pakistan Port Gwadar To Become Chinese Naval Base

Meinhaj Hussain,

Pakistan and China have finalized a strategic partnership that will allow the Pakistani strategic port of Gwadar to be utilized by China as China's first military base overseas. China has significant oil, gold, copper and other raw material interests in Pakistan. The Gwadar port will allow China to safeguard her interests in the Persian Gulf and will simultaneously allow China to supply its South-Eastern regions with vitally needed supplies. The port will host major oil refineries and Chinese naval assets. 

Pakistan will receive a counter-weight to closer ties with the United States. The recent supposed Ossama Bin Laden raid that has opened the door for US, NATO and Indian military adventurism will be effectively closed. Simultaneously, Pakistan is believed to be receiving a major boost in military hardware including rushed deliveries of J-10B (known as FC-20s in Pakistani colors) and JF-17 fighters. Rumors have it that J-11Bs, a Chinese version of the famed Sukohoi Su-27 FLANKER fighter aircraft are also potentially part of the deal to bolster the Pakistan Navy (PN). The PN is also said to receive a significant number of Chinese naval assets including Type 054A based frigates and Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) capable submarines.

The deal has reportedly been "in the works" for the past 2 years but was not considered a priority until the recent Abbottabad raid. The deal will allow Pakistan to close US and NATO supply lines at its will and could possibly put the latter's stay in Afghanistan strategically untenable. Sources state that the deal will become public in the next few days.
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Ben Randle said...

Pakistan’s current troubles with India and the USA have their roots in its all-weathe­r friendship with China. Those who want to keep China away from taking advantage of Pakistan’s geo-strate­gic location in order to become the “numero-un­o” global power can go to any extent. And the immediate action on cards is Pakistan’s disintegra­tion to snatch Balochista­n away, along with the port of Gwadar, from Pakistan by establishi­ng a Free Balochista­n State. It can now be clearly understood that insurgent movement in Balochista­n was fanned and funded just for that purpose. This is in order to block the use of Gwadar port and developmen­t of ancillary terrestria­l infrastruc­ture in the province to deny an energy corridor to China for its energy needs. Read more at: http://pks­­­/2011/05/b­eijing-was­hington-dc­-and-gwada­r-port.htm­l

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