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Reply to: A Christian Zionist reply to the posting: "How I came to Islam"

You wrote about my posting "The Lady in the hat....or how I came to Islam" on a website that is dedicated to Islamic subjects and issues:

"I'm not here to criticize you at all, but I DO disagree with Islam. I "criticize" Islam out of love for my Muslim brothers and sisters."

Reply: Your own Christian Bible New Testament says that you shall know a man by his works. The book of James says that there is no faith without works. I have seen a sample of your "works" in the disrepectful trash that you have posted to this forum.)

"I would expect you to do the same to Christianity if you felt all Christians were misguided, and I would not take that as a personal affront to me."

Reply: I am "sure" that you would not take it as a "personal affront". You obviously "live" to tear a person's sacred religious beliefs, and subsequently their character, apart. Islam calls what you have done in your postings Fitna. In Islam, attacking someone's character unjustly is worse than murdering him, and it will be judged that harshly.)

You admittedly had an issue with a woman. Although the United States condones and even encourages "Muslim Bashing", you are selfishly using this forum (which was gracefully created for us by a very noble man) and the persons who post to it and reply to those posts, to get the anger out of your system.



YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY A SELFISH MAN WHO NEVER LIVED IN A MUSLIM COUNTRY, OR EXPERIENCED ANY MEDIA THAT WAS NOT INFLUENCED AND POISONED BY ZIONIST, and just like a typical Zionist, you try to find a crack in a defense, usually by arguing over definitions first, and then, after getting a response, you argue that person to death from an armchair. The Talmud states that a good rabbi can win an argument with God. I have a strong suspicion that you are a Christian Zionist. You are arguing with all of the Isamaphobiac, hateful, racist, propagada that a Christian Zionist is instilled with. I used to attend those government influenced churches. I can speak from experience, and I can easily identify you...... Mr. Anonymous.

When you have lived in Iraq or Pakistan or Afganistan or Palistine or any other "real" Muslim country, come back and post to this forum.

Buy the way, I never said I "followed" any of the religions I experienced in my search for the truth. I only said that I attended them. I "am" now a Muslim! Just like Ibrahim (the very fiirst Muslim) was. I follow the Sunnah.

I rest my case except for the definition you used to bait these fine unsuspecting people with.


a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing : a cult of personality surrounding the leaders.

The Roman Empire, who told their populace (at swordpoint) to "excessively admire" thier leaders, hijacked the folowers of Isa (alaihi asalem) at the first Nicean Council in the year 325 a.d., and told them to fall in line with their "own" pagan trinity worship. ", Thier own "Ceaser" was also belived to be a "God" and was excessively worshipped. The the above definition.... were a cult..... bringing the followers of Isa (alaihi asalem) into their fold by "appearing" to make concessions to them, and also by "seeming" to allow them to follow "most of" their own faith without the threat of persecution. They ( who you and history calls Christians) were by the way, actually Judeans, who were trying to keep their own original Identity, and were trying to follow their own original Torah (as the original Torah had already been hijacked in Babylon). These same Judeans followed the prophet Isa, (alaihi asalem) who was (according to the Quran) sent to bring them back to "correct" worship and also to point out the people who had altered their texts and religion. To point out the "brood of vipers" and the "den of snakes" (as they are called in the book created, and edited by the same said Romans at the Second Nicean Council, called: "The Bible") Legalist, who were commonly known as the Pharisees the Saducees, the Couldn't sees and the Wouldn't sees. These heavily persecuted, break away, grass roots Judeans, then, by agreeing to the new religious order, (created and enforced by the World "super power" of the times) entered into a cult. That cult was the trinity and Ceaser worshipping Roman Empire. The religion of that Synthesis (from the political formula of Thesis+antithisis=synthesis, A=you want to have your own religion but T=I want you to follow my established cult) was Catholicism, later to give birth to the Protestant "Christianity" a breakaway sect of Catholicism founded (according to history books) by Martin Luther.

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