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The Importance of Having a Target

By Ali Hengchau

Have you pondered about how come thousands of Muslims are graduating from Islamic Universities around the world every year, the marginalized situation faced by Muslims countries have yet to be changed? 

Have you doubted the verse in the Quran stating that “You [Muslims] are the best nation brought out for Mankind ...” [3:110], the leader of the world, yet we are still enslaved by the money, work, family and even western politics and economies.

If you do have pondered such, this might be your wake up call.

Alhamdulillah, it was fortunate to linger in the Mosque after Zuhr prayer. The talk delivered by Dr Tawfique Chowdhury has enlightened me tremendously. With regards to the two questions raised in the beginning, he perceives that the backwardness of Muslims world is because Muslims are void of purposes in life. Although most of us are busy for work, study and etc. with the intention to catch up with the development pace of Muslim Ummah, we are way left behind the western world. Then, He gave an example to further illustrate the argument. Acknowledging the fact that the direct line connecting point A and B are shortest, without knowing the final destination (i.e the point B), one starting at point A could wander around for years to be randomly hit the point B. In other words, working without mission and purpose is inefficient and ineffective. In the miserable situation of the Muslim world, most of Muslims have been trapped in the conventional world, which is to work and study for a better life (i.e. a fancy phone, house, pretty wife, etc.), reputation and respect in the society, and etc.

Unfortunately, they have ended up to be the slave of the work, family, society, and money. Thus, it is common to observe brilliant Muslim students graduating from the Islamic University of Medina but ended up being Arabic teachers, regular speakers in the Mosques, with moderate income to barely feed their families. Noted that I am not saying that work as teacher and local scholars are not good. Instead, the point I want to make is that these well educated people can do better if they are motivated by a greater vision, which is the one they are badly in love with, the one that brings happiness and satisfaction, which is not the one trapped by a narrow purpose of feeding the family.

In the end, Dr Tawfique Chowdhury suggested that a purpose or mission of life should be TARGETED HIGH, BE BROAD AND SHOULD BRING ABOUT ENTHUSIASM.        

In sum, I would like to remind both myself and my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters MONEY IS WHAT WE NEED BUT SHOULD NOT BE WHAT THE PURSUIT IS OF.

Please do pause a second to think about what mission/purpose of life can make you so energetic to wake up and start working before Fajr prayer, what Mission/Purpose of life can make you so enthusiastic to be smiling all the time while you work towards the materialization of such mission before being trapped in the wrong directions.
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