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In 1800, John Quincy Adams, organizer of the Freemasonic lodges in America, announced his candidacy for the presidential election in the race against Jefferson. In that election campaign he repeatedly charged that Jefferson had utilized the Freemasonic lodges for destructive purposes. He set forth these contentions in letters he had sent to his friend, Colonel William Stone. They are still kept in one of the libraries of the city of Philadelphia.

In 1826, Captain William Morgan exposed the activity of the Light Order to public opinion to the detriment of his brethren, the Freemasons. This cost him his life.(12) His death had a considerable effect on the spirits of the Freemasons. Forty percent of those in the northern part of the United States withdrew from it and severed their relations with the organization.

A Dangerous Convention of the Light Order

In 1829 members of the Light Order held a convention of their own in New York, in which an Englishman from among them, whose name was Wright, spoke. He announced that the order had decided to unite the Mhilists, the Atheists and other destructive elements in one world organization that would be known as "Communism."

The Birth of Communism

The aim of this destructive force was to prepare the Light

12 Members of the Light Order held a meeting in which they pronounced death sentence to Morgan, because he assailed their order and disclosed their dangerous designs. They assigned one of them, an Englishman, Richard Howard, to execute the sentence. Warned by his friends, Morgan disappeared from sight for a period of time. Later he headed for Canada. But Howard was chasing him and killed him on the border.

In investigation, a person called Allen, bore witness that he heard Howard while submitting a report at a meeting in New York, of a secret order called the Knights of the Temple in which he expounded how he executed the death sentence. That witness informed hew Howard was made to leave for England m order to escape punishment.

Order to stir up wars and revolutions in the future. Clinton Roosevelt (direct grandfather of Franklin D. Roosevelt) and others were entrusted with fund raising to display the new intellectual project,

Karl Marx (13) and Friedrich Engels (14) had derived their livelihood from this money in the Soho Quarter in London when they were devoting themselves to the writing of their two books,  I The Capital and the Communist Manifesto through commissioning by the destructive power.

The Birth of the Theory of the Superiority of the Aryan Race 

Simultaneously another group of the Light Order had entrusted a professor from the University of Frankfurt with drafting a theory contradictory to Communism, to the effect that the Aryan race could dominate Europe, and then the world. This theory had been completed by philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche; from this, the philosophy of the Nazi Party was drawn.

The Aim of the Two Theories

The aim of the Light Order in entrusting two writers to draft two contradictory theories, one calling for internationalism and the other for the supremacy of one of the human races so that it could become the master of the world, was to create a conflict between their adherents that would lead to the destruction of one of them. And this is what actually happened in World War II.

13 Marx (1818-1883), a German of Jewish faith; he was driven away from Germany and France because d his revolutionary activity. Then England granted him the right of refuge id D. In 1848 he published the Communist Manifesto.

14 Engels (1829- 1895), a German, Marx's friend; he wrote with him the book on the Origin of the Family and the Communist Manifesto. He undertook to print Marx's The Capital after his death

The Story of Pike

In 1840, American General Albert Pike (15) learned the principles of internationalism from Mazzini and what it intends for this world. He was extremely enthusiastic in his understanding of those principles, and became the most influential thinker among the Light Order, the supervisor of their destructive intents.

Pike's Organization of Freemasonry

Pike, noticing that the Light Order and the Grand Orient Lodges were considered suspicious, doubtful and seditious in parts of Europe, took upon himself the task of reform, and reorganization of Freemasonry on new denominational basis. He founded three high councils: the first, in Charleston, South Carolina; the second, in Rome; and the third, in Berlin. Subordinated to these three councils were twenty-three branches distributed in the strategic world centers. Those councils have since become centers for the secret general leadership of the world revolutionary movement.

Some of Pike's Plans

Between 1859 and 1871 General Pike planned for three world wars and three important revolutions, foreordaining their occurrence in the twentieth century. In that plan, he relied on three major world movements—Communism, Nazism and Zionism—to incite the wars and revolutions he expected.

In his conceptualization, World War I was necessary to overthrow Tsarism in Russia, making it a stronghold for Communism

The aim of World War II, again, was to increase the power of political Zionism and thereby, to establish the state of Israel

15 A famous Freemason; born in 1809 and died in 1891. He was ar. excellent poet and wrote a book which he published ill 1871 and in which he extracted the deep meanings of the symbols of the high degrees of Freemasonry.

in Palestine; and, likewise, to support international Communism so that it becomes as powerful as Christianity.

As for World War III, its objective was complete world weariness, perversion of the intellectual, spiritual and economic life, and human destruction in various parts of the world.

Pike delineated certain preliminaries in his precise plan:

The preparation for World War I involved the exploitation of disagreement between Britain and Germany which had been generated by the Light Order in both states.

The preparation for World War II included clash between Fascism (including Nazism) and the political Zionist movement. This war would end in the destruction of the first.

The preparations for World War III included the conflict which the Light Order incited between political Zionism and the leaders of the Islamic world, so that one would destroy the other (16). It is inescapable that the rest of the world states, finding themselves drawn, polarized, to one of the two pillars in the conflict, would participate in it

Why We Have Lengthened Discussion of Weishaupt and Pike?

The reader might question our reason for lengthening the discussion of Weishaupt and Pike. It was intentional, for two reasons:

First, these two men played an integral role in the history of Freemasonry and also in world history.

Second, some scholars dismiss the fact that Freemasonry was influenced by these two men, and disengage it from any relation to them. The aims and principles of Freemasonry cannot, in their conceptualization, espouse the dreadful thoughts elicited by Weishaupt and Pike.

16 Does any nation realize this truth and make preparations for it?

Reply to Those Who Regard as Unlikely the Two Men's Influence on Freemasonry

We think that this denial is unsubstantiated and invalid; in reality, it represents an attempt to gloss over Freemasonry for those who believe in it, and to attract those others contemplating its espousal.

None of our predecessors in research has been able to offer any principle or directive of Freemasonry before Weishaupt and Pike. We are completely certain that Freemasonry, in all of the stages of its history and in all of its cultural expressions in its lodges and orientations the world over, reveals little and conceals much as we shall see in the following chapter.

If we consent to what these researchers have said without argument, Freemasonry has dealt a mighty blow. Whoever turns to the history of Freemasonry finds that Freemasonic systems have been incorporated in the systems of the Light Order. Therefore, Freemasons all over the world have been subjected to the Light Order and to their likeness; it makes no difference whether those Freemasons have known that or not.

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