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Correcting the News on Temanggung Riot That Cornered Islam

Contributed by Brother Risnander

Correcting the News on Temanggung Riot That Cornered Islam
The White Book of Temanggung Riot
Forum Umat Islam Bersatu (FUIB, stands for Islamic Ummah Forum United)
50 MT Haryono Street,  Temanggung

With the riot happened regarding religion abuse in Temanggung on Tuesday, 8 February 2011, there are many imbalances story at news media, electronically and papers. In this case Moslems suffered severe negative stigma because of the riot happened. Thus, Moslem in Temanggung that the fact is victim of religion abusive act, adversely becoming a defendant. For that fact and reason, a comprehensive and balance story need to be addressed with strong, accurate and objective data from the scene, even through witnesses who witnessed and experienced the riot directly.   
A White Book needed to be made to accommodate all data and facts, to restore order and security, especially in Temanggung and all over Indonesia.      

The Chronology
1. On 23th  October 2010, Antonius Richmond Bawengan who is a Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur resident, caught in the act of circulating leaflets contain an insult toward Islam. One of the leaflet putted in the front of a house of Kenalan people, Krangan Village, Temanggung Central Java, named H Bambang Suryoko.
2. People who knew what Richmond did, accompanied with the Society Keeper (RT), named Mr. Fatchurrozi (Fauzi), who is also a member of Kaloran Police Precinct, straightly reported him to the Kranggan Police Precinct, the report the transferred to Temanggung Police Precinct.   
3. On 21st November 2011. By Temanggung District Attorney, the investigation files are stated P21 (complete)
4. The first trial conducted on 13 January 2011 with agenda of conviction reading.

5. Second trial conducted on 20 January 2011 with agenda of witness hearing

6. Third trial conducted on 27 January 2011, with agenda of examining two witnesses and two key witnesses.
 7.  Fourth trial conducted on 8 February 2011, with agenda of prosecution reading.
8.  On the fourth trial every guess in the court room of Temanggung Court Area was checked by officer to make sure that no one carrying unwanted items to the court room.
9. After the prosecution statement (reading), the mass started to worry, judge left the court room without a word, and the defendant was secured by officer. That act caused more worrying situation and the mass started uncontrollable.

10. After a few prominent persons (ulama) tried to calm the mass at court, few of them was KH Syihabuddin (teacher at Wonoboyo Islamic Boarding School) and KH 
Rofi’i (teacher at Kemuning Islamic Boarding School).

11. 30 minutes after, the trial continue with agenda of sentenced verdict, without plea before, the judge sentenced 5 year of prison, as the district attorney prosecution.   
12. In the moment of tense, some persons forbid the use of camera, for citizens and even for reporters, thus the mass got provoked becoming more emotionally, to know that at the previous trial there are beating incident toward a court visitor done by a policeman named Kurniawan.

13. There are group of provocateur that provoked and crashed windows of Temanggung Court Room. Situation is uncontrollable. Window crashed action continued, done by unknown people, followed by tires burning in three spots at court area. It is not known where the tires came from. Oddly, before entering the east court gate (only one gate opened), every visitor have been checked carefully by officers using metal detector.
14. In front of prominent persons constituted from Ustadz and Kyai (Islamic Teachers) who witnessed the court, tear gas was launched followed by gunshot. According to eyewitnesses, there were no early warning shoot first.
15. Until this moment, there are 9 confirmed victims which straightly brought to hospital after the gunshot incident happened. Four of them are still having medical treatment. They are:  Sholahuddin, 40 years old. Son of the owner of Al-Munawar Islamic Boarding School, Kertosari Temanggung. Suffered from head wound because of a gunshot with six stitches; Roy Hanif, 15 years old, from Gandurejo, Ngablak, Magelang. Suffered from head wound (and left forehead) because of a gunshot, left shoulder have changed, suspected to be broken; Suparman, years old. Suffered from 3 cm left eye wound; Madyo, 48 years old, from Braol, Campursari, Ngadirejo, Temanggung. Victim got threw by stones from close range by special police force at Kartini Park, in front of Bumi Phala Stadium, around 300 meter from the Court. Suffered a broken right leg and in need of surgery.   
16.All victims are medicated with personal expenses.

17. Anxiety becoming at its peak when the son of the Al-Munawwar Kertosari Islamic Boarding School owner got shoot, and was issued to be dead.

18. The court visitors were chased by policemen. Besides chasing after the court visitors, few policemen also wrecked the visitors motorbikes parked across the court building.   

19. Most of the Forum Umat Islam Bersatu (FUIB) member sheltered at  Muhammadiyah Orphaned House and sealed the gate to anticipate intrusion from irresponsible people.

20. Yet the policemen were still chasing them. In front of the gate, the policemen said abusive words “Neng kene celeng, asu, PKI 
kabeh. Pateni wae!” (Javanise languange bahasa Jawa, artinya: people here are pigs, dogs and all of the are PKI (communist). Just kill (them)!” Then they launched tear gas to the orphan house yard.
21. After negotiation between people leader and police, the motorbikes owners are allowed to take their motorbikes. But they have to suffer from beating and they must have photo taken of them and their motorbikes. At that time, the policemen also said takbir and said: “Police also a moslem”. They said takbir with laugh and beating toward people who have beard.
22. A group of unknown people in front of Surya Yudah Regional Bank ask the people to march on to Parakan and burn the churches. A similar provocation also took place in the west area. They shouted “hypocrite” toward people who did not follow them. They continued to ask people to burn the churches. People ignored them and refuse to join. Then they anarchy act of burning the churches initially took place. It was not clear who are those who burned the churches.
23. Several eyewitness saw that in the churches there are few people who joined the  provocation toward mass to wrecked the church and started the throwing. When they asked about their identity, the did not show their identities, and even they run and disappear
24. Another eye witness saw a person wearing scarf (like burqa) already inside Pantekosta church. After the church got burned he run away out taking off his scarf and joined the crowd.

1. There are deliberation to trigger mass amok with tear gas in front of Ustadz and Kyai.
2. The riot did not happen in sudden. There were a certain group who had planned it.
3. Every visitor that got in to the court room of Temanggung must have been checked strictly by police officers. Thus, it is strange that the burning in Temanggung Court Yard was happen. Who did that? Who allowed it, that a relatively big size of tires could get in?
4. One of the trigger of the people is injustice in the case treatment.
 5. What Antonius Richmon Bawengan did was a dangerous act, that potentially could break the harmony in society and even could create disintegration of the Republik of Indonesia Unity. And Antonius Richmon Bawengan proved to be a militant and very well trained to conduct this kind of religion insult. His shown very calm emotion and feel not guilty at all, very confident, so confident that he refuses the offer to be accompanied by a lawyer. And from what we have gathered, there are strong indication that Antonius Richmon Bawengan also did the exact act in Poso which triggered Poso riot, before in Temanggung. Yet Indonesian Police only want to investigate only to what Antonius Richmon Bawengan did in Temanggung, without investigating his background, education, the organization who support him, from where his fund come from, and who is the intellectual actor behind him. Nevertheless Forum Umat Islam Bersatu (FUIB) pretty much sure that the Indonesian Police have the ability to uncover those issues. This kind of police act will trigger Antonius Richmon Bawengan to do the same in other places.

6. There trial procedure that have been violated (breach) thus it will potentially making the defendant free from all charges  when appealing for Review at Supreme Court House. Those breach are:
* No lawyer accompanied the the defendant, yet the defendant facing 5 years of prison. Is this a neglecting or deliberately left over by the judges of Temanggung Court to free Antonius Richmon Bawengan through his Review later on?
* The trial reading of prosecution status by district attorney was not clear, because the judge left the court room just like that, without a word.

1. Forum Umat Islam Bersatu demand to the Chief of Indonesia Police Force to Deactivate the Chief of Central Java Police Force and The Chief of Temanggung Police Precint because they cannot engage early warning detection to anticipate the riot, they cannot supervise and guide their member in order to prevent the riot, yet they became one of the factor that caused people acting violent and uncontrollable.
2. Forum Umat Islam Bersatu demand the security authority to investigate comprehensively until finish the group and intellectual actor behind Antonius Richmon Bawengan because people anxiety and the provocation that triggered the Temanggung Riot, 8 February 2011, was started  from Antonius Richmon Bawengan case. If these group and intellectual actor are untouchable, it is strongly advised that he will continue to other region.
3. Forum Umat Islam Bersatu will form an advocating team called TANGKIS (Tim Advokasi dan Perlindungan Korban Penistaan Terhadap Islam) and ask all law expert and advocate to join in this team.
4. Urging to Local Representative (Legislative) and/or Governor of Temanggung to form an independent Investigation Team to finish this case.

Temanggung, 9 February 2011

Taufan Sugianto. S.Pd
Vision Without Glasses


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