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Breaking News: The King is Dead.

Meinhaj Hussain

Orator Obama & the Puppet King
We have received information that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is dead. He passed away yesterday apparently after a heated discussion with Obama related to Egypt. Abdullah was highly agitated and suffered a stroke. Saudi Arabian officials are of course rejecting the claim but have changed his status to "critical", apparently in an attempt to stage the political fallout.

Islam Times was the first to report this news and claims to have inside information from the Saudi royal family. Our own sources suggest the same. Other independent sources are also echoing these views. There are now also reports that an unusual amount of high level personages are visiting Abdullah's hotel in Morocco. These latter reports are from

It appears that the impact of Egypt and Tunisia is snowballing in many ways yet unforeseen. Thus goes another puppet of America. May he not rest in peace.
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