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Bankrolling Unrest in Indonesia

Bankrolling Unrest in Indonesia

by AR Risnander

Jakarta―Suparman in front of his Tutor confessed that he became Ahmadi because he was offered money. This was stated by the Head of Banten MUI[1], KH Aminudin Ibrahim, in the 27th Halqah Islam dan Peradaban (HIP), Sunday (20/2) at Wisma Antara, Jakarta.

As a member of The Fact and Information Finding Team of Central MUI for Cikeusik Case, Mr. Aminudin explained the situation regarding Ahmadis in Pandeglang. There are about 250 members of Pandeglang Ahmadis that embrace back into Islam after the socialization of The Three Ministers SKB[2] in November 2008.
Yet there are eight people left, insisted to claim Ahmadis as their believe. They are the mubaligh of Ahmadis, and of them is Suparman, a member of Cikeusik District community, Pandeglang.
In the Three Minister SKB socialization, a dialogue took place between Suparman and KH Amir (his Islamic Tutor and also the Head of Cikeusi MUI). Amir then asked why did Suparman joined Ahmadis. Every argument from Suparman about the prophecy of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is proved to be wrong bluntly, yet Suparman was still reluctant to get out from Ahmadis.
At last, since there are no arguments based on the Holy Quran or even hadith, Suparman then admitted the real reason why he joined Ahmadis (money).
"Pak Kiyai[3] if I’m not carrying this believe (Ahamdis teaching), my rice priuk
will not steam" said Suparman to Amir.

It was revealed that Suparman has been given a large number of fancy facilities from Central JAI (Ahmadis). Among the facilities are monthly wage of 10 million IDR (almost eight times of the minimum wage in Jakarta), he was given a sum of 150 million IDR to buy house, and another 150 million IDR for da’wa in Ramadhan.
Because Suparman does not want to leave his earning, this issue went to Bakorpakem (Badan Koordinasi Pengawas Kepercayaan, a supervisory body for believers) of Pandeglang. It was then agreed that Suparman will not teach his deviant beliefs.
"The agreement was even signed by Suparman himself" said Aminudin in front of 600 talshow participants with the theme of Ahamdis Acted, Yet Moslem Got Framed: Investigating Conspiracy and Its Target.

Aminudin also revealed that Suparman violated the agreement. Because the fact shown that Suparman kept spreading the notorious fake prophet.

"He consistently went about door to door, spreading the word asking people to join the Ahmadis with a swap for money" said Aminudin. Based on citizens’ report to Aminudin, the money offered by Suparman are varied, depending on the task offered. "For some extend, it was between one and a half million IDR to ten million IDR”, he said to Until the end, in Cikeusik at this moment, there are 25 people joined JAI.

In the monthly talk show conducted by Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), attended also by Head of Tutor Coucil of TPM, Mahendradatta; Member of Comission VIII of People State Council Representative (Legislative) from PPP fraction, Mohammad Arwani Thomafi; Vice Head of Komnas HAM (Human Right Comission); and included also HTI speaker, Muhammad Ismail Yusanto. They were attending as source speaker. Contrary with Nurcholis, all speaker agreed that the President must soon abolish Ahmadis. [joko prasetyo-]

The real question is, who is spending such large astronomical sums of money to convert Muslims to a deviant faith?

[1] MUI stands for Majelis Ulama Indonesia (an independent body consist of Ulama that functioned to give fatwa)
[2] The Three Minister SKB (Decision/Policy Letter) is a Policy made by The Minister of Religion, Minister of State Affair and Supreme Attorney in order to harmonize the interaction between religions interaction in Indonesia. 
[3] Kiyai is another notion for Ulama
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