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The Story of Weishaupt

Adam Weishaupt, born in Germany in 1748, studied theology, became a clergyman, and then abandoned Christianity, becoming an apostate and a professor at Ingoldstadt University.

Contact with Judaism

In 1770, as an erudite man, he was contacted by Jews seeking to benefit from his knowledge; and they requested him to lay a plan necessary for their implementation. He agreed and compiled. The Founding of the Grand Orient Lodge

In 1776 he fulfilled the request. He prepared a first means of implementation, namely, he founded a Freemasonic lodge designated as the Grand Lodge of the Orient, comprising the Light Bearers. This lodge has acquired an "upper hand" over all the world's lodges.

His Public Call

Weishaupt called for ore world government, consisting of 2,000 ingenious thinkers, including prominent intellectuals in literature, sciences, economics, politics and art, headed by distinguished university professors, was claimed to have been deceived by him in his establishment of the first Grand Lodge of the Orient. But had Weishaupt's call been true?

His True Aim

The underlying aim of Weishaupt's manifest call was to destroy all existing governments and religions. 

The Necessary Means

Weishaupt recommended his following to utilize these means to achieve his ends:

1. Offers of monetary and sexual rewards to arrive at the domination of men of influence and standing, so that they become tools in the hands of Light Order to execute what it strives for.

2. For the university professors from the Light Order, mandatory "associations" with intellectually superior students from socially-respectable families; to turn their protégés interests to internationalism as the only instrument to make humanity avoid the disasters of wars under mankind's leadership. Implicit in this dictum was Weishaupt's opinion of goyim,'7' unaware of their own physical, intellectual and spiritual needs.

After this student elite had accepted the principles of that call they would be trained in private schools. In our present age there are three schools which perform this task: in Gordonstown, Scotland; in Salem, Germany; and in Anavryta, Greece.

When these superiors return to their countries, the Light Order would strive to promote them to influential positions thereby implementing the planned policy.

3. Domination of information media of broadcasting, press and others.

Weishaupt had laid a plan to destroy the splendor of the two greatest states in the eighteenth century, Britain and France, through his demand of the Light Order to stir up imperialistic wars in order to exhaust the British Empire and to incite revolution in France. The plan outlined the French Revolution of 1789.

Exposure of the Weishaupt Plan

in 1784 Weishaupt sent to the Light Order in France a letter containing the whole plan. In Ratisbon, en route from Frankfurt to Paris, a thunderbolt struck and killed the courier; the Bavarian ·(8) security men medically examined the body and discovered the letter.

7 Goyim, which means human groups, by which Jews call human beings who adhere to other religions. Weishaupt bad used this word.

8 Until 1870 the province of Bavaria was an independent German state and that year it joined the German Union which was founded by Bismarck.

The Bavarian Government studied that letter with extensive care, and issued an order to occupy the Grand East Lodge, and to expropriate all that was in it. Agents raided the houses of the influential members of the Order, and confiscated a collection of important documents supportive of the letter's content.

The Bavarian Government published in 1786 those documents in a book, copies of which were sent to eminent statesmen and clergymen in most of the European states, but they ignored it. Hence, the events that took place.

Even Queen Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) ignored her sister's letters forewarning her about the danger imminent to the throne and the church in France.

Acceptance of Light Group to the Lodges

After the campaign against the Light Lodge in Bavaria,'9' Weishaupt commanded his following to enter the Blue Freemasonry Order and to create among themselves a secret order with which no Freemason could be affiliated, unless he had manifested his acceptance of the principle of internationalism and his disavowal of God, the Most Exalted. Weishaupt began with himself; he entered one of the Munich lodges.

In order for the Light Order to infiltrate the lodges in Britain, it addressed an invitation to J. Robinson, professor of natural philosophy at Edinburgh University, secretary of its Royal Society and one of the influential Freemasons in Scotland, to visit some European states. Robinson accepted the invitation, demonstrating the flexibility and astuteness that made the Light Order trust him. They offered Weishaupt's revised plan for his consideration. Robinson, frightened, attempted to warn his people of the danger of the Light Order, and urged them to stand up against it. His cry died unheard.

9 IDS Light Order moved their center from Bavaria to Switzerland. They stayed there until the end of World War H. Then they set out for the United States, and used a building in New York as a center for their leadership.

The Death of Weishaupt

In 1830 Weishaupt died, leaving behind for his disciples a precise and practical plan, from which humanity is still suffering. 

Martini Becomes a Leader of the Light Order

The nineteenth century was replete with men who played a dangerous role in the activities of the Light Order. The Italian leader, Giuseppe Mazzini (10) was chosen chief of the Order in 1834 and remained in this post until his death. The significance of his role will become more apparent in the following section.

The Light Order in the United States: Jefferson Spreads Out the Principles of the Light Order

The Light Order had penetrated the American lodges; its potential danger was visible and its effect, conspicuous, largely due to the activity of Thomas Jefferson (11) who afterwards became President of the United States. Jefferson had become one of Weishaupt's enthusiastic supporters and was instrumental in the dissemination of his views in the United States.

An Indication of the Danger of the Light Order

In order to realize the danger of this order it would be sufficient to turn to a speech by the President of the Harvard University, delivered at commencement on July 19, 1789 in which he warned graduates of the danger of the Light Order and uncovered their extensive influence in the political and religious circles.

10 An eminent revolutionary leader (1805-1872), born in Geneva and grew up in Italy. He founded the secret association of Young Italy. After a long struggle for the sake of a republic in Italy, he announced the Italian Republic in Rome in 1849.

It is regrettable that Mazzini's thinking, especially in the concept of nation, is accepted by many thinkers in the Arab homeland and it is carefully taught at the Arab colleges of law.

11 He was horn in 1743 and died in 1826. He held the office of the U.S. presidency from 1801 to 1809.

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