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Lombok Orphanage and School Project, Part 1

Well.... we finally completed our Hijra for the SECOND time.
We originally moved out of the extremely Kufir country, called the United Sates of America. I had just become a Muslim. Our reason for doing hijira the first time was to move to a Muslim country where we could live, work, and practice our faith with other believing bothers and sisters in Islam. We chose to move to Algeria, because that is where my wife is from.
After arriving in Algeria, and experiencing: mosques that were barely filled on fridays, beer bottles in the gutters, women in hijabs who admittedly did not pray, hypocrisy, fitna and sorcery, we decided to do Hijra AGAIN.
After sixteen months in Algeria, we set out for Lombok Indonesia, where we were invited to help out at a muslim orphanage and school. These pages will document what we did, how we were treated, Allah's rewards and what happens when a husband wife team decide to make helping orphans their Jihad. We will post our adventures and progress to this site weekly insha allah.

We had been in Algeria for about two months. We met the only other American in our city. He was teaching english at the University. He told us about an orphanage and school, that needed to be helped in Indonesia. We eventually decided to leave the disappointment of Algeria, and go to Indonesia. Three Planes, one ferry, and a few taxis later (with a two night stopover in Kuala Lumpur, to visit our friend Meinhaj Hussien) we arrived in Lombok, late on a friday night.

The picture on the right is what we saw when we entered the port for the ferry from Bali to Lombok.

We did not have much money when we left Algeria for Indonesia. In fact, in march of 2010, when we decided to go, we did not even have enough airfare to purchase two tickets to get there. It would have been much easier to stay at Linda's parent's farm and not spend a dime. We were very burned out from trying to get my visa paperwork, a replacement for lynda's expired passport and saving up the money to go to Algeria from the U.S. in the first place. insert picture: constantine and bridge

We started to notice an interesting phenomenon while living in Algeria. Although my residency paperwork was going okay, and although my wife is an experienced veteranarian, and although I was actively searching for employment, no employment doors opened for us in Algeria.
We also noticed signs indicating we should go to Indonesia.
For instance, while re-doing my shahada at the Constantine mosque (a requirement for my Algerian residency) an indonesian man came up afterward, to congratulate me, and then placed his hat on my head.
The price for the tickets gradually went down, and.....we found alternative routes to Lombok Indonesia that were cheaper.
Algerians started asking if they could go to Lombok to help with the orphanage and school.
Where before, we saw nothing on television about Indonesia, suddenly there were at least two documentaries a month.
Most important of all for me, (since the prophet, "sallalahu alaihi wa salem" was quoted as saying:
“When the time (of the end of the world) draws close, the dreams of a believer will hardly fail to come true, and a dream of a believer is one of the forty-six parts of prophethood.”
My wife started to have dreams about about traveling over the ocean, in a jet plane, to an island. And finally, my son offered to "buy" our tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Bali (the Island next to Lombok) for us. I saw doors in Algeria closed for us, and all the doors for Lombok opening for us.

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