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New Project: Eman Orphanage

Grandestrategy Staff

Assallamalaikum. We are delighted to announce a new project at GrandeStrategy focused on helping Indonesia cope with poverty and orphans, insh'Allah.

We are in the process of helping organize an orphanage there insh'Allah and hopefully more orphanages thereafter, insh'Allah. GrandeStrategy Staff are already in Indonesia working with orphans, alhamdulillah. We are looking for donors, helpers, advice, teachers, anything you can afford.

Our project is under the name of "Eman Orphanage", named after a Muslim girl named Eman, stolen by the US government in Orange County, California with the full complicity of the FBI. Eman is still held by her FBI informant father who (we have evidence) has  sexually abused her and in all probability continues to do so. Eman would be 8 years old by now. Please pray for her. Her mother is part of the team setting up the orphanage, insh'Allah.
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Joseph Shane Sneed said...

What a beautiful project and beautiful story of a Muslim couple, guided by Allah, making a difference in this world...

Grande !

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