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This hidden Force moved under the banner of authority, peering around in the Holy Land, killing the followers of the messenger Christ. Saint Peter, slain by Nero, tempted by his Jewish wife Poppaea, was among the most prominent victims. The third opinion: Some scholars trace the origin of Freemasonry to modern ages. The proof they furnish is that, in Britain, in the twelfth century, there was no society bearing the name "Freemasons" or "Free Brothers"; and that, in 1376, a member of Freemasonic society secured a seat in the British House of Commons.

The First Lodge:

The Freemasonic "United Grand Lodge" in Britain was the first public Freemasonic lodge. The lodge, founded in 1717, still exists, and still disseminates its thoughts in a periodical Which dates to the same year, carrying the Latin name Aro Buarteur Conoriun.

First Use of the Word "Freemasonry"

Dr. Muhammad Ali al-Zubi maintains that the "Hidden Force" society adopted the new name of "Freemasonry" in 1717, at the London Conference under the presidency of Anderson."'

Other researchers contend that this name had been designated by Code Froi de Bouillar.'^2'

Ascertainment of Exact Date of Establishment Forthcoming 

This point needs some more edification, especially in this age in which sources on Freemasonry, hitherto unknown, have been explicated.'9'

Our Special Opinion

We are of the view that the effacement of the letters of the original document is attributable to a fundamental point, namely, the early intellectual efforts of the researchers Into

1~ James Anderson (168D-1739), born in Scotland; joined the priesthood, and became an ecclesiastical official in London in 1710. He authored The Lauds, the oldest hook on Freemasonry, first printed in London in 1723. It is said that Anderson was of a Jewish origin or a Judaized Christian.

2~In 1099, the Crusaders installed him as King of Jerusalem after the success of the first Crusade. He called himself "Protector of Christ's Tomb " This man has a great status in Freemasonry. On his name there are special registers called Registers of the Thirteenth tribe.

3~ There are tens of thousands of documentary books on Freemasonry. In the library of the Grand Freemasonic Lodge in Holland there is the very valuable collection of Georg Kloss, under the title Geschichte der Freimaurerei in Englend Irland (Holland: Leipzig, 1847). This collection is the main source for researchers in Freemasonry.

The library of the above-mentioned lodge has two divisions: one restricted to Freemasons, and the other, open to all. The library of the Grand Freemasonic Lodge in Britain is shrouded with a complete secrecy.

the history of Freemasonry had been directed at a temporal specification, a date of establishment, for a Society of the Freemasons.

Scientific point of departure makes incumbent on us in studies similar to these, which are related to secret societies, to study the principles, and not to place ourselves under the shelter of names. Whoever seeks to conduct a serious research into secret movements in history, let him realize that.

Freemasonry Appears Under Different lames

Freemasonry, when enjoying security and protection in a society, announces its name and its lodge. If it sees that a danger is falling upon it, or feels that people have begun to he doubtful about its behavior and objectives, how quickly it folds the sheet, changes the landmarks of the lodge so that the name, form and style appear anew.

The truth is the same truth, and the objective is the same objective.

Hitler had shut all the Grand Orient Lodges in Germany, because he became aware of their relation to the Jews. Then Freemasonry came back under a new name, which is the Clubs of the German Knights.

When Freemasonry came to know that thinkers in various places of the world warned their people against Freemasonry's potential danger, it reappeared under pseudonym as Rotary, Lions Club, Bnai Brith and others.

Whatever the case may be, name and date of origin do not concern us except within the limits we have set forth What is important in our view is to establish the fact that this Society, whose inception is unspecifiable, whose character is effaced and whose name changes, chameleon-like, to fit the sociopolitical milieu, has dominated the destinies of the world, in the East and in the West. And who from amongst the sane would escape from that?

The History

However, from the Freemasonic history—judgmental—we shall take only the biographies of two men, who have had the deepest influence on Freemasonry: Weishaupt from Europe, and Pike, from the United States.

"A story is told from its beginning," as the Arabic saying goes.

4 Rotary Club is an organization of businessmen and professionals. It was founded by Attorney Paul P. Harris in February 1905 in Chicago.

The Organization is spread internationally. These clubs are connected with each other through International Rotary Clubs. There management is located in Evanston, 111.

It is regrettably noted in Al-Ahram newspaper on March 31, 1978, "The Rotary Convention is sponsored by President Sadat," that his Excellency the President would be represented by his Prime Minister, Mr. Mamduh Salirn at the inauguration ceremony in Alexandria on April 6, 1978.

In Al-Akhbar newspaper dated April 14, 1978, President Sadat's telegram to the convention is summarized as follows: "He, namely, the President, hopes that peace prevails the world over, and that efforts in the countries of the world be directed to making food and security abundant for peoples instead of the cannon and the tank. In it he as well praised the Rotary principles and its high ideals which are based on the pride of each member in his work, which is what Egypt is calling for . . . "

5. Lions Club was founded in 1951 in New York; it was moved to Washington. Branches have been established in various parts of the world. Most of its members are kings, presidents of states, vice-presidents of states and people with respectful status.

6. Bnai Brith Organization (Bnai Brith Club) was founded in 1834. Its lodge in Berlin alone came to a point where it comprised about eighty branches in 1^903. Its main center presently is in the United States of America. It is concerned with women; almost all of its members are Jewish women.

We know about the principles of these organizations, consult Dr. Muhammad Ali al-Zubi s book, Al-Masuniyah fi al-'Ara' and Encyclopedia Britannica, 1974 edition.

What is worth calling attention to, indeed, is that the great Mujahid, the most erudite Muhammad Amin al-Husayni (may Allah have mercy upon him) was among the first who warned of the danger of the Rotary clubs and postulated their connection with Freemasonry and world Zionism in his 1971 letter to his Excellency al Shaykh Muhammad Surur al-Sabban (may Allah have mercy upon him), former Secretary-General of the Muslim World League.

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