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Israeli Troops Infiltrate Lebanon and Kidnaps Citizen

Grandestrategy Staff

Israeli soldiers have crossed the Lebanese border and kidnapped at least one Lebanese citizen, according to Lebanese sources. One known case took place in the village of Rmeish. Hezbollah is yet to react to this latest incursion.

Israeli jets have intensified overflights of Lebanese territory and the Israeli Army has been in full-scale mobilization over the last few weeks. Weapons stockpiles have been replenished. Israel appears ready to start another war and is perhaps bidding it's time to attack Iran and manage the subsequent fallout.

Meanwhile, the United States has continued a slow and steady buildup of naval assets in the Persian Gulf while US diplomats are preparing Arab governments for the next showdown. Gulf states have already deployed US-made missile defense systems along the Western shores of the Gulf and Saudi Arabia recently concluded an exercise to stand down the Royal Saudi Air Force.

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