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Dimas Bagus Wiranata Kusuma Appointed Resident Economist at Grande Strategy

GrandeStrategy Staff

Assallamalaikum. We are happy to announce that Dimas Bagus Wiranata Kusuma has been appointed as the Resident Economist at Grande Strategy. Brother Kusuma a scholar and lecturer. Some of his published papers include “The Financial Deepening and Mitigating Risks of Currency Crises in Indonesia", "Combining Zakat, Waqf, and Islamic Microfinance Institution to Alleviate Poverty Through Empowering Small Medium Enterprises : An Integrated Model", "The Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism and Sectoral Effects : evidence from Indonesia”, “Analysis of Implementation Optimum Currency Area Criteria and Its Volatility : Case Study ASEAN-5+3”, “The Power of Zakah and Poverty Alleviation”, "The Role of Zakah and Small Medium Enterprises Development in Indonesia”, “Analysis of Macroeconomic Stability : Evidence from Indonesia”,

Brother Kusuma will be in charge of overseeing our Economics analysis. He can be reached at

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