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Congratulations to the Tunisian People!

GrandeStrategy Staff

We would like to congratulate will all our heart the people of Tunisia, who have successfully taken back their country from the tyrant Ben Ali and his Western and Zionist sponsors. May Allah bless you and make this revolution more fruitful than the last. 

Your bravery and sacrifice warms the hearts of us all - from Algeria to Indonesia. From Somalia to Kazakhstan. May the rest of us find the courage that is evident from your actions.  We shall now strive to be at least a small fraction as brave. We will never forget this great event insh'Allah and we will never forget our martyrs in Tunisia. GrandeStrategy calls upon all Muslims worldwide to pray for the Tunisian people and her martyrs. 

As dawn breaks into a new era for Tunisia, you will have to choose a new way forward. A vision of a new Tunisia rising from blood dearly sold, and the ashes of tyranny. Going forward, we want to advise our Tunisian brothers and sisters to give Islam a chance. The United States, Zionists and their secular cronies will attempt to repackage themselves and sell you another lemon. Perhaps this time from the other side of the political spectrum - a quack leftist alternative to Ben Ali. They have done this before and will attempt to do the same yet again.

We sincerely implore you not to fall for their trap. Our enemies have traditionally controlled both sides of the political spectrum. As long as secular politics is ascendant, they can control the game. For all secular politicians are fundamentally materialists. They - more often than not - can be bought with Swiss bank balances and mansions in the West. Practicing Muslims on the other hand, are a lot harder to corrupt. 

Islam is also what they fear most; what better tribute to the revolution than to entrust it to people that your persecutors hate most?

In any case, no matter what you choose, our hearts are with you. Our eyes cry for you. Our hands ask us why they are idle from helping you. Our minds are set on fire on how we can follow in your footsteps. 

And insh'Allah someday, we shall answer our hands, our hearts, our minds our tears and join our hands with yours together again as on brotherhood, one Ummah. 

Allah hu Akbar!

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Deenalislam said...

im glad use all are happy we are not ment to go against the leaders there is plenty of hadeeth telling us this it has only caused more fitna and all the kuffar can now get in there and take all the oil it will still be in the hands of the kuffar even more

Deealislam said...

if u look into more it was the US that payed and trained alot of the protesters i wish yous would realize this it is happening all over the middle east and north africa and its from the zionests not against them they are calling for help from the kuffar they have done this for a better life not feesibililah how could u call on the kuffar they are going to suffer alot more! allah swat has said they will fight each another unless the country is shariah and none of them follow it so what do you expect inshallah al-mahdi will come when allahswat wants it to be and inshallah we will have peace and strengh inshallah allah gives them sabr at this trials of fitna ameen

Deenalislam said...

congratulaions for what country rect and now most of them are running to italy a kuffar country yeh good one muslims are ment to stay out of the kuffar countrys do hijrah feesibililah but now alot will be running back to them because of this fitna and alot of scholars have fatwas telling people not to do this

Deenalislam said...

practising muslims wont go into goverment

Meinhaj Hussain said...

Sura 2 Verse 193
And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression and there prevail justice and faith in Allah; but if they cease let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression.

We must fear Allah and the Last Day, we must fear that we pretend to know our deen better than others, we must fear that we support the zalimun and we must fear that we pretend to know Islam when we cannot make a simple difference between right and wrong.

May Allah (swt) punish those among us who support oppression with their hands, tongues and silence.

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