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Christian Terrorist American Attempts to Blow up Mosque

Grandestrategy Staff

Dearborn, Mich.: Police have arrested a white male Christian terrorist who was attempting to blow up a mosque in Dearborn. The terrorist was in possession of explosive materials and was caught in the parking lot of the mosque before he could conduct his attack. The said individual hails from California. The terrorist is being held on bail, an unprecedented application of law that has otherwise seen many Muslims incarcerated on less serious charges and without due process.

There has been a spate of attacks against Muslim institutions, homes and places of worship. The US government and mass media however downplays these events and refuses to characterize these as terrorist acts. Examples of these incidents include a recent arson attack on a mosque in Texas as well as a mosque in Oregon and Tennessee, threats against a Muslim school, gun fire outside a New York mosque,  arson attack outside an Ohio mosque, shots fired outside a New York mosque, the defacement of a South Carolina mosque and threats of a bomb attack in Florida. 

There is suspicion that a suspected terrorist group called "ACT! for America" has been involved in at least one of these actions. Their actions in Florida have closely followed bomb threats and there is evidence to suggest their involvement. Experts believe that the organization is expanding terrorist cells throughout the continental US.

However, the US government and mass media continue to turn a blind eye. The FBI has continued to show little interest in protecting Muslims against these threats and continues to refuse to treat these cases as acts of terrorism. The organization appears to only classify an act as terrorism if it is committed by a Muslim. Meanwhile, it continues to harass, intimidate and blackmail Muslims in the US, already facing skyrocketing anti-Muslim xenophobia, rampant discrimination, joblessness, lack of legal rights and constant propaganda and hate. 

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Anonymous said...

You looked and looked and found a story that you can use to taint the Christians with. My hope is they accomplished their goal.

You Muslims morons are in a Christian nation dispite what you have been told and you attempt to insult Christians. My hope is the fix your business as they say!!

Anonymous said...

Sallam, As far as we know, grandestrategy is based in the Muslim world and not in the West.

Anonymous said...

With the voided arrest of the Christians at the Muslim festival, it is not a shock to see more Christians under arrest in Dearborn.

Anonymous said...

If Muslims are against what Christianity represents why don't they attack the Catholic church and its leadership? Why Because they are too weak

Hey-Zeus said...

You "Christian" cocks are forgetting that our founding fathers wanted a separation of church and state. This country doesn't "belong" to anyone let alone entitled ass Christians. Try again

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