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UCAVs Move Towards Revolution In Future War Time

Flight Lieutenant Muhammad Asim, AHQ Chaklala (Project Vision) Rawalpindi, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan
Dr. Suleman Ashraf, SATUMA (Pakistan), Union Council Road, Sihala, Islamabad, Pakistan

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International Council on the Aeronautical Sciences
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Improving the survivability of its military aircraft and the pilot as been a top technological priority for decades. Promotion of stand off weapons reduces the exposure of combat air planes to hostile fire. The idea is to put as much distance as possible between a pilot and dense defense encircling high value targets. The trend is certain to continue and, at some point specific types of aircraft likely will be removed from the battle entirely, with a collection of robotic craft taking their places in combat over the target. Current terminology for this system is “Uninhabited Combat Air vehicle”. They may not only help save the lives of the pilot, but also provide more affordable and effective base to attack certain targets. This paper elaborates the inventive concepts, future role, deployment and missions of UCAV.


If the idea of UCAV deployment in future combat would be practically materialized it would change the war gaming completely. If the history of the flight has told us anything, it has shown us that aeronautics has always been paced by the concept of faster, higher and innovations. Although this has to be somewhat mitigated today by the need for economically viable and environmentally safe airplanes, the overall march of progress in aeronautics will bring about revolutions through evolution process.

Download Paper from ICAS Website 
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