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Pakistani Hackers Return Fire

Meinhaj Hussain,

A cyberspace skirmish has been underway between the two rival countries. Indian hackers recently hacked about 40 Pakistani government websites. In response, Pakistani hackers have hacked a total of 270 sites including that of India's equivalent of the FBI.

Zaid Hamid, a Pakistani leader sends the following message to his Indian neighbors:

Indians should hear us loud and clear once again. If you start the war, we will finish it InshaAllah. On cyber-world or in the battle field, Pakistani falcons know how to defend their honor and dignity. Don't mess with us.

India has a far larger IT sector and is considered one of three "IT superpowers" along with China and Russia. Pakistan however, punches above its weight. It will be interesting to see if this war escalates in increasing retaliatory strikes and how other nations and their internet infrastructure will be impacted.

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