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Freemasonry - Muslim World League Publication

Meinhaj Hussain,

Freemasonry is a book authored by Muhammad Safwat al-Saqqa Amini and Sa'di Abu Habib. The book was published by the Muslim World League Publication. The copy in my possession indicates the Arabic version was first printed in Makkah Al-Mukarramah in 1980 and the English version was printed in 1992 in New York.

My search of the World Muslim League yields the following website in Arabic:

My online search of this book does not yield any results. In the interest of putting some vital information on the Freemasons available to the public, I am reproducing as much of the book as I can.

1/29/2011: we have resorted to putting footnotes as indented and italicized text.

Work in progress. 

Table of Contents:

The Name and History      Page1     Page 2     Page 3         Page 4
The Name,The History, The Story of Weishaupt, Mazzini Becomes a Leader of the Light Order, The Story of Pike, Why We have lengthened discussion of Weishaupt and Pike?

The Principle     Page 1
The Road to the Temple
The Language of the Temple
A Special Time
The Disclosed Principles
The Covert Principles
Organization and Cooperation

Freemasonry and Religions
Freemasonry and Judaism
Freemasonry and Christianity
Freemasonry and Islam

Freemasonry and the World
Freemasonry and the Jewish World
Freemasonry and the Christian World
Freemasonry and the Islamic World
The Ottoman Caliphate

Twinkle of Hope
Rado's Cry
Formal Legal Opinion (Fatwa) of Al-Shaykh Rashid
The Decision of the College of Islamic Jurisprudence
A Document from Malaysia
A Few Last Words
Vision Without Glasses


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