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Breaking News: US Built F-16s Terrorize Civilians

GrandeStrategy Staff

The Gaza Strip in Palestine is under attack by US built F-16s of the Israeli Air Force. They have conducted a major air raid against the civilian population. Ken O' Keefe and Cormac O' Daly of the Truth Justice Peace (TJP) are on the scene witnessing attacks. Ken O' Keefe comments:

Huge explosions here in Gaza, in the North and South. Ambulances are going to the scenes. F-16 jets can be clearly heard flying overhead. Imagine the terror of the children in these areas. I wonder how many more people are to be murdered by the rogue state of Israel. American tax dollars at work, shame on all of us for allowing this madness with all too often, nothing more than protests. Life in Gaza/Palestine
Targets including Khan Yunis and the highly crowded Gaza City. The International mass media remains mute in face of US sponsored terrorism. At the moment of writing, F-16s are can still be heard circling Gaza. This incident is likely to spark a new batch of desperate Arabs taking matters into their own hands. The addage as you sow, so shall you reap appears most appropriate.

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