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The Struggle

The Struggle

by Matthew Isa Fallon on Tuesday, November 16, 2010
I was living a lie
Thank God i didn't die
Thinking, a tear comes to my eye
And so i break down and cry

What awaited me was hellfire
Consequences to my actions, very dire
roasting for ever on a burning pyre
But then my station was made much higher

Unexpected and out of nowhere
Saving my life from the toxic air
His blessed hand dragged me from despair
The messenger of God, for me he was there

Now my life has a meaning
Such happiness i'm feeling
I'm sure my soul is gleaming
Just hope I wasn't dreaming

Since the moment i converted
My life has been diverted
And has been lovingly nurtered
It was something that i needed

But i had a slight sense of sinking
Coz i had many ''friends'' bragging
Going on About all their *****ing
So that got me thinking

And i thought for a while
I still had girls on speed dial
But then i went through a trial
And came out better by a mile

So i got rid of so called friends
And my imaan was on the mend
I probably did offend
But it was worth it in the end

I started to grow a beard
extremist?? nah im not feared
it's a sunnah, it ain't weird
And i've never been jeered

Then i started going masjid
Coz its what the salaf did
But i look around and im the only kid
Wheres the youngans? have they all hid?

Don't just go masjid for eid
You'll pray when your in need
Even if you be smoking weed
Expecting help with no good deed

But then when it comes to palestine
You'll all moan and whine
what? you expect all to be fine
No, this is a trial of yours and mine

We aint gonna get khalifah back
When all our worship is so slack
If Musa (as) was here, he'd give us a smack
So first, lets each get our imaan on track

We start now, we can unite our nation
Make the world better for the next generation
we're almost 2 billion in population
If we united, oh what a great sensation

So now my deen feels strong
And i try to avoid wrong
Do some good with your tongue
For it may not be long.
Vision Without Glasses


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