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Stories from the bible 2 - The Good Samaritan

Stories from the bible 2 - The Good Samaritan

by Matthew Isa Fallon on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 5:57am
This story is one of my favourites from the bible, again it's not authentic but it's a great story with a very very good moral.

One day a lawyer came to Jesus to put him to the test. ''Teacher, what must I do to win eternal life?'' he asked, Jesus then asked, ''what does the law tell you to do?'' The lawyer replied
''It says to love the Lord God with all your heart and soul, and to love your neighbour as much as you love yourself.''
Jesus said to the lawyer, ''Correct, so there's your answer.''
The lawyer wasn't satisfied so he smugly asked, 'Ah! but who is my neighbour?''
Jesus answered the question with a story. ''A man was travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho when bandits attacked him. There was no-one on around to hear the mans shouts for help. The bandits beat and kicked the man to the ground, until he lay bleeding in the dust. They stripped him of all of his possessions and ran off, leaving him for dead. Some time later, a priest came along, but as soon as the priest saw the dreadfully injured man, he quickly crossed over to the other side of the road and hurried on past, trying not to look.''
The lawyer was shocked. How could such a holy man have ignored someone in such need?
''The next traveller to come by was a Levite,'' Jesus said. The Levite is sure to help, thought the lawyer. Levites are good people - so good that God rewarded their tribe with the highest positions of office in the temple.
''But the Levite did just the same as the priest,'' Jesus continued, ''He took one look at the naked, bruised body and dashed by on the other side of the road.''
The lawyer was appalled. He would have expected such behaviour of a Samaritan - one of the hated people who had inhabited Palestine whilst the jews were sent to Babylon - but not a levite!
''The third person to seea dying man was a Samaritan,'' Jesus announced. Well thats it, thought the lawyer. I bet he goes over there to see if there's anything left to steal and then kicks him when he finds nothing.
Jesus said, loud and clear, ''The Samaritan was horrified to see the injured man and rushed over at once to help.''
The lawyer couldn't believe his ears! ''The Samaritan cleaned the mans cuts and bandaged the wounds. Then he put the man up on the donkey and went to the nearest town. The Samaritan gave an innkeeper some money to look after the man until he was better. 'If you spend more than that I'll pay you back when I next come this way,' the Samaritan told the inkeeper. Which of these travellers would you say was the neighbour of the man who was attacked?'' He asked.
''The one who helped him,'' mumbled the lawyer. ''Yes,'' said Jesus, ''then go and behave the same way.''

About the story

It is always easier to do what we want than to do something that is better for others, but it is also costly. This story tells us that Gods way is sometimes the hard way.
Jesus wanted people to live out their faith in practical ways. He also implied that we cannot please God just by caring for our neighbour and ignoring God. The two commandments belong together: love God, love others as much as you love yourself.
People are either our brothers in faith or our equals in humanity. Also, we should try not to judge a book by its cover like what the lawyer did. Just because a man may have a beard and wear a turban or a jubbah it doesn't mean he is better than others, and just because a woman doesn't wear a headscarf or a niqaab it doesn't necessarily mean she is worse than a woman who does wear them. We can't see people hearts or their minds but God can. So from now on, lets all try not to judge people as much, you are all my brothers and sisters, no matter if you're from manchester, Gambia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Canada or anywhere. You can be white, black, brown or a mix and it doesn't matter to me. You can be beardless, have stubble, or have a fist length beard, wear a headscarf, wear nothing or wear a niqaab, but you're still my brothers and sisters, bound by La ilaha ilAllah :-)
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