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Stories from the Bible 1 - Joy over Repentance

Stories from the bible 1 - Joy over Repentance

by Matthew Isa Fallon on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 12:12pm
Ok, so i'm writing about stories from the bible for my next few notes, none of these stories i'm putting up are authentic or disproved in islam so we can't beleive they are true but the main reason I wanted to do this is because I feel I learnt many good morals from the bible (which actually led me to islam) and many of the stories teach things that are also important in islam. I want to share them with my brothers and sisters. Many of you will not be familiar with these stories but inshAllah you will like them. At the time of Jesus, Palestine was under the control and occupation of the roman empire. Many of these stories will mention Pharisees, for those who don't know who pharisees are, they were a group of around 6000 men who often came into conflict with Jesus because they taught that the only way to be right with God was to practice all the tiny laws which they said were contained in the scripture. Jesus said they had lost the real meaning of the law, they were so busy sticking to all the little laws that they ignored all the big ones. Also there was many poor people, beggars and lepers during the time of Jesus in Palestine aswell.

One day when a particular poor crowd had gathered around Jesus to hear the word of God. The pharisees who were always grumbling and complaining and started again with their moaning. So Jesus began to tell the crowd a story. ''A shepherd had a flock of 100 sheep,'' Jesus began, ''but when he came to round them up at the end of the day, he saw that one sheep must have wandered off and got lost. Without a moments hesitation, the shepherd left his flock in the sheepfold and went off over the fields to look for the one missing sheep. He searched high and low for a long time, and when he finally heard a lonely bleating he was overjoyed. The shepherd returned home with the stray animal, knocking on all his friends and neighbours doors to share the good news with them.''

''And there was a woman who owned 10 pieces of silver. Then one night, one of them went missing. Determined to find it, she lit a lamp and searched through the house, sweeping every nook and cranny, turning out every corner and every cupboard, shifting every piece of furniture until she found it. 'Hooray!' she cried to her friends and neighbours. 'I have found my lost piece of silver!' And they all celebrated with her.'' At first the pharisees were puzzled at the stories, they didn't see what a lost sheep or a missing coin had to do with them, but their faces turned red when they heard Jesus's explanation.

''Like the shepherds joy, over his one lost sheep, there will be more gladness in heaven over one sinner who repents than there will be over 99 good people who do not need any forgiveness. And like the womans happiness at finding her single piece of silver, there will be great celebrations in heaven for each and every sinner who repents - no matter how common or humble they are.''

About the story

Jesus taught that every human being has dignity before God. People at the bottom of the social pile and despised by others, are said to be of special concern to God. In these stories, Jesus shows that God looks for people who need Him and He lavishes His love on them, even if they have done wrong in the past. It is very easy to look down on people who are less well off than us or who have 'strayed' from Gods ways.
We should never have fear of God without hope or have hope without fear, no matter how bad things get or how good things are. This story was relevant 2000 years ago and is just as relevant today as it ever was, if we walk towards God, He will run towards us. So lets all get repenting for our sins!
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