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JF-17 Fighters from the Pakistan Air Force Give Stunning Display in China

by Meinhaj Hussain

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has given a stunning display of aerobatic maneuvers in China. Flying the newly built JF-17 Thunder, a joint fighter project created as a result of cooperation between the two great Asian nations, the crowd was entertained with a thrilling display of aerobatics. The Airshow China 2010, or China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, held at Zhuhai is the premier Chinese aviation industry event and attracts professionals, manufacturers, governments and enthusiasts from the world over. The JF-17 shared the event with such aviation giants as the Airbus A-380 and Boeing 747-8 (model). The aircraft also shared the show with the larger J-10 and Chinese FLANKERs.

The weather conditions were not ideal and thus the aerobatic display of the JF-17 and J-10 could not be better viewed. As the show progresses, better multimedia is likely to emerge from the next few days.

Following is a coverage on YouTube of the JF-17s aerobatic display:

PAF JF-17 at Zhuhai Air Show 2010 - Part 1
PAF JF-17 at Zhuhai Air Show 2010 - Part 2
PAF JF-17 at Zhuhai Air Show 2010 - Part 3
PAF JF-17 at Zhuhai Air Show 2010 - Part 4

This airshow is proving to be a major leap forward with multiple countries showing interest in the JF-17 and other Chinese products. Rumor has it that Pakistan has been gifted four L-15 LIFT aircraft. A mysterious deal for SAMs has also been signed. This is rumored to be the highest grade HQ-9/FT-2000.

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JF-17 said...

Although the weather conditions were not good but still JF-17 manages to show stunning movements. This proves this aircraft can offer combat in all types of weather.

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