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Countering Islamophobia: A Political Action Plan (More Radical)

Countering Islamophobia: A Political Action Plan

November 8, 2010
Meinhaj Hussain

This is a more radical edition. See the less radical edition here. We intend to maintain both versions.

Note: This plan is being constantly updated. Last updated: 01/8/2011

Muslims in the West are facing a rising tide of Islamophobia. This backlash is fueled by tragic recent events and sustained propaganda from the Zionist press. Our response has been fragmented and erratic, rather than coherent and systematic. This paper outlines a plan of action that can overcome the shortcomings of our responses.

Defining the Enemy

Our persecutors and opponents are numerous, yet there is a clearly identifiable source of the propaganda and action against us. Of our many opponents, the Zionists are the main source of Islamophobia and act as the primary instigators. All other efforts, branch from this source. The Zionist challenge can broadly be divided into Zionist media and political organizations. Let us consider each in turn.

Media Organizations

The mass media is the central component of raising hysteria and creating propaganda against Muslims. Virtually all mass media outlets have been taken over and / or severely infected by Zionists. Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. is a central concern.

Political Organizations

While the mass media generates Islamophobia and sets the tone for oppressing Muslims, other organizations use this hysteria to support political actions against Muslims. Some major Zionist organizations playing this role include: American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), Jewish Defence League (JDL), Anti Defamation League (ADL) and B’nai B’rith.

Political Organizations

While the mass media generates Islamophobia and sets the tone for oppressing Muslims, other organizations use this hysteria to support political actions against Muslims. Some major Zionist organizations playing this role include American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), Jewish Defense League (JDL), Anti Defamation League (ADL) and B’nai B’rith.

Within the US government, a group of Zionists manage the White House led by Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emmanuel. Most departments have been infiltrated, although occasionally the Department of State civil servants show some resistance. The FBI has its hands tied as The Department of Justice (DOJ) will not take any action against Zionists apprehended by them. The DOJ has been compromised thanks to the Sayanims within. As a result, the FBI has simply stopped taking action - even against Israeli agents caught posing as the FBI (Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer).

Homeland Security is a key vehicle for institutional oppression of Muslims and this role can only expand in the future. AIPAC is bankrolling the legislature by utilizing funds from Zionist international bankers and grassroots funding from B’nai B’rith. The CIA has been affected through career-end funding of retiring officers for business opportunities by Zionist venture capitalists and other Zionist investment organizations (See End Note 1). There are reports of the NSA being affected. However, these last reports are less substantiated.

What Do They Want?

What are these Zionist and allied organizations trying to achieve? Firstly, they wish to continue the war against Palestinians, seeking to eventually eliminate them from Palestine. They also seek to further the cause of Greater Israel, from the banks of the Euphrates to the Nile as taught to this day in Israeli school textbooks. A large, vibrant and politically organized Muslim community in the West can be a direct threat to their plans. At present, the conventional military balance already allows them to attempt such a state in the Middle East, but the political and asymmetric warfare balance does not.

More defensively, the Zionists are reacting to us as they feel threatened by a community that they perceive as an existential enemy on the shores of a nation that they have spent considerable time and resources hijacking. 

The following appears to be some of their more specific objectives:

  • Stemming migration and where possible, removing Muslims from the West.
  • Stop non-Muslims from converting to Islam, by make Islam less accessible through:
         Propaganda & political marginalization
         Restricting Muslim interaction
         Banning Muslim organizations
         Banning & making forbidden online Islamic content
  • Holocaust of Muslims: Building political support from the far right and preparing concentration camps under the guise of FEMA.

Dealing with the Main Stream Media

Muslims in the West have failed systematically in dealing with the mass media. Any attempt to communicate in order to clarify our views or denounce terrorism have faced a selective blind eye, with the selective portion scanning for any opportunity to twist meanings or hone in on the isolated few extremist views.  These latter are then used to cause further damage through propaganda. Any attempt to deal with this situation requires us to understand the key methods of propaganda as created by Zionist organizations after WWI (and not for instance by the Nazis, who were copying from them rather than the other way around as they claim).

How Propaganda Works: Pavlovian Response Mechanism

The fundamental aim is to repeat a pattern of connecting words in the subconscious mind of the reader. For instance, terms such as “terrorism”, “extremism” and “anti-Semitism” are consistently placed near words such as “Muslims” and “Islam”. This Pavlovian method has shown to produce consistently effective results. An important point to remember is that this mechanism works even when Muslims are not directly being blamed; a statement such as “Muslims are not terrorists” or “Many Muslims condemn terrorism” can still be used to effectively build a psychological connection in the mind of the populace.

This is a powerful tool and is not to be underestimated. If one has doubts about how effective this tool is further reading of the relevant literature and a closer look at past research and studies will remove all such doubts.

Responding to the Media can be Counterproductive

It is therefore, highly undesirable for inexperienced Muslims to talk to the mass media outlets. The media will turn a blind eye where convenient and select responses that suit their purpose. They will pick the worst  responses and heavily edit, to give the exact impression that they want. They are, and will continue to attempt to trick inexperienced and unwary Muslims who are trying to talk to the media

Counter Propaganda

Who should speak to the media?
Only seasoned media spokespersons should speak to the media.

We have discussed what not to do. Let us now consider what we can do to counter propaganda. Seasoned media representatives need to deal with the mass media directly. Muslims seeking to speak out need to channel their work through Muslim media organizations, alternative news networks or those allied to us. Building and networking with alternative media outlets is an important undertaking. We discuss outreach efforts in a different section.

Using Keywords Effectively
The Zionist propaganda machine uses propagandized words as vehicles for their purpose. “Anti-Semitism” “Holocaust”, “Holocaust Denial”, “Hate Speech”, “Islamic terrorism” and “Islamic Fundamentalism” are some examples. We should attempt to counter these with our own set of keywords. These keywords may include “Islamophobia”, “War Criminals”, “Judeo-Fascists”, “Zionists”, "House Arabs" and “Racists” as some possible terms. These keywords are critical vehicles that allow either side to influence the collective conscious.

Truth as the Central Strategy against Propaganda

While coming up with counter propaganda and finding keywords is important, we must not return in kind, we must not lie and spread disinformation. The best way to fight Zionist propaganda is to give something better: the truth. This general strategy of positive asymmetry is given in the Quran:

The good deed and the evil deed are not alike. Repel the evil deed with one which is better, then lo! he, between whom and thee there was enmity (will become) as though he was a bosom friend. (34)
Al Quran, 41:34

We cannot hope to compete with the financial, organizational and entrenchment advantages of the Zionists. Our advantage lies in rehearsing the truth. When even remotely unbiased, human reason has an innate ability to distinguish between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, and this quality represents our core advantage. The problem fundamentally, is that the sheer quantity of the propaganda against us means that most Americans only get falsehood and thus cannot distinguish it from the (absent) truth.

The American people are being exploited and taken for a ride. Their banks, media, Ivy League education, entertainment, politics and even down to their pornography are being controlled by this same group of people. Allah willing, once they know what the truth is, Muslims will be the least of the problems in comparison the Zionists, infact Muslims won’t be perceived as a problem at all.

Talking about "truth" can perhaps lead the reader to be confused. To clarify, let us consider an example. When the media comes up with an accusation, we are trying to deny these accusations. These are often issues were we do not have hard evidence to put forth our  viewpoints. In any case, our viewpoint will merely be lost to the massive propaganda of the mass media. We cannot out-shout them by any stretch of our imagination. Instead, perhaps we can focus our response by pointing to the structure, organization, ownership, past indiscretions, present dishonesty of the mass media. Instead of responding and playing to their game, we respond asymmetrically in rehearsing the truth based on hard facts, serious research and knowledge that the populace can already recognize. This is but one example of how the principle of "truth" and positive asymmetry can work. It is up to the reader to be imaginative and come up with solutions.
Best Practices

Running a media campaign in support of Muslims is not a new phenomenon and organizations that have blazed a path can provide useful examples for others to emulate. We need to find and reproduce best practices from those that have successfully dealt with the mass media.

One of the best examples has been the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Their National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper is the most competent media spokesman for Muslim in the United States. CAIR has effectively utilized grassroots organization, press releases, internet social networking and direct targeting of business, government and political organizations. However, this remains one lone under-resourced effort and cannot effectively represent the US Muslim community. A wider strategy is needed involving the existing leadership and the community as a whole.

In the United Kingdom, the main organization tackling Islamophobia is Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC UK). Other groups such as Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), and Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) do little to fight Islamophobia. On the whole, masjids do nothing. Newer groups such as Muslim Defence League (MDL) and United Against Fascism (UAF) are mainly targeted against the English Defence League (EDL). Both these groups are largely involved in demonstrations and petitions.



Political outreach, networking and alliance building efforts can focus on a number of fronts:

  1. Anti-war movement
  2. Muslim Governments / International Organizations
  3. Community Grassroots Action
  4. Friendly Jewish Groups
  5. Celebrities

We need to effectively target each of these fronts without getting embroiled in unnecessary partisan politics. A case in point is reaching out to the constitutional Republicans and Ron Paul supporters on the one hand, and left wing anti-war activists on the other. One resource in reaching out to this constituency may be Will Coley, a  political activist and talented young Muslim leader actively engaged in grassroots activism and who is also a Ron Paul supporter and constitutionalist. The anti-war group is perhaps our most natural ally and bosom friend. Reaching out to this community may be far easier. We must not forget that a large number of Muslims in the US belonged to the 1970s "original" peace and anti-war movements and later converted to Islam. These Muslims are largely based in the West Coast and can be activated to help build bridges with the peace and anti-war movements.

There are a large number of anti-war and pro-Palestine groups that target Zionism. As a start to a political outreach, the following are the top 10 anti-Israel groups, as identified by ADL:

These organizations must be doing something right to be on ADL’s hit list.

Utilizing Entertainment

Attempting direct methods of grassroots political outreach can often be ineffective. Few Americans are willing to go and visit the library, to have someone drawl on about how peaceful Islam is. Reaching out to Americans through entertainment events is one effective method. For instance, an example would be organizing a Yusuf Islam concert to communicate the message, and in addition have somebody like Baba Ali, for a standup comedy break.

Organizing entertainment is critical in getting face-time. It is significantly harder to feel scared about a people you have become familiar with. Getting face-time in whatever way possible, should be an important aspect of our counter propaganda strategy.

An example is the ongoing organization of the FUNatical Comedy of interfaith comedians. We must not become "Coca Cola Muslims" diluting and selling our religion short to bend over backwards into the fantastic world of over-pluralism, denigrating the message. At the same time, all interfaith events do not fall into this category. While some of the religiously or politically-focused interfaith activities may be questionable on religious grounds, there is nothing in this author's opinion that is heretical about organizing events such as the Funatical Comedy series to help combat Islamophobia.

Sending Ambassadors to Communities

There is little that is more effective than reaching out to communities directly. At the grassroots level, we need Muslims to represent Islam and themselves to communities around the United States. Anything from town hall meetings to high school Islam Awareness events are welcome. 

We must not be passive in waiting for such opportunities, but should actively seek them. We must also not shy away from hard ball questions and instead, answer them truthfully and honestly. For instance, pretending that Islam does not condone military jihad in set circumstances can only hurt our public credibility and create divisions within our community.

Determining Friend or Foe

In our outreach efforts, it may be important to determine what organizations to befriend and what others will end up a liability or sabotage our effort. Three questions can be used to judge whether an individual or an organization is a friend or a foe:
1.      Do they talk about Zionism?
2.      How do they deal with Palestine?
3.      What is the source of funding?


Leadership Alignment

There is an urgent need to recognize that we need to work together. We cannot ignore each other anymore. Consensus is not created by everyone agreeing with each other. Real consensus is created when everyone disagrees and then, after considerable and stressful discourse, come to a compromise that all can accept.

Our efforts need to be organized within a layered structure. This structure can work at the community, state and national levels. We can also have an independent online effort and have a fully developed Internet strategy. Some leaders that need to be part of our anti-Islamophobia effort include the following:

US: Hamza Yusuf, Yusuf Estes, Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Ibrahim Hooper (CAIR), Yusha Evans, Nouman Ali Khan, Ali Ardekani, Warith Deen Muhammed.

UK:  Abdul Hakim Murad, Abdur Raheem Green, Yusuf Islam
This list needs to be expanded exponentially to be of relevance.


Emergency, Exit & Long-term Relocation Plan

In the event that there is another 911-type crisis (Allah forbid), each community needs a fully developed emergency plan. Every Muslim should know where he or she can seek safety. This can typically be the masjid. Food provisions should be stockpiled by each community for anywhere between 1-2 days at such locations.

Muslims can also consider having an exit strategy from the United States. This is an individual responsibility. Converts with nowhere else to go, and some of whom are already roaming the world in de facto exile, need to be supported and helped. These are the Muhajireen and it is incumbent on all Muslims to help them.

Long-term choice of residency is an important consideration. Muslims need to consciously plan their housing arrangements to be closer to the parts of the city with a high Muslim population concentration.

The author gratefully acknowledges the invaluable help from Sister Aisha Sarwar of MPAC UK in drafting this paper.  

End Notes

1. The author has studied at George Mason, a university closely linked to the CIA and has participated as part of his coursework in venture capital forums linked to various technology startups run in close connection to the retiring intelligence and military community. He has sat in venture capital forums. The statement is based on these experiences.
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joseph said...

No, "Islamophobia" does not exist in America. That would imply that in the here and now, there is no basis for the suspicion many Americans have toward Islam. 9/11, the Hasan massacre, the "shoe" and "panty" and Times Square terrorists - all Muslim - not to mention continual threats from Muslim extremists (to which hundreds of millions of Muslims are sympathetic), including the recent discovery of "print cartridge" bombs, serve only to solidify that fact that Americans, at least, indeed do have a basis for their suspicion.
President Obama, his secretary of defense, his commander in Afghanistan - and other high-ranking US officials - clearly see the threat, even to the point of insisting on a very public level that some obscure Florida pastor refrain from burning a few Korans in protest against radical Islamists who use the Koran to justify their actions.
Are the president and his commanders all Islamophobes, too? Are their warnings recently that Muslims around the world may react badly - including threats and violence - to perceived insults merely more examples of baseless reactionism?
Islamophobia suggests a baseless suspicion. Not the case here.

DrMaxtor said...

Salam Aliakum,

Thanks for the comments on my blog. It's good to see that you're not beating around the bush about who the enemy is. "Joseph" is a prime example of the sort of brainwashed Fox news cretin regurjitating nonsense. There is no such thing as an "islamist," joey. Totally stupid meaningless word that attempts to Anglicize an Arabic word, advertise it as intellectual and with deep meaning while actually only superficially pretending to bypass the connotations that are invariably associated with it by its religious context. In reality, it's those connotations and the religious context which are being manipulated to put the religion of Islam in new, hateful, bigoted, misrepresented terminology. If that didn't sink in, read it again.
Here's a revelation : the majority of terrorists in the world are NOT Arabs or Muslims, they are WHITE MALES from north America and Western Europe. This is not a racist statement, just a factual one. In the Middle East, the majority of terrorists are AskheNAZI jewish terrorists and squatters. These hard truths have to be repeated over and over.

M. Hussain said...

Sallam brother Maxtor, you're one of my most favorite bloggers. Beautifully answered, I guess no answer was forthcoming from Mr. Joseph?

Keep at it and don't forget you have friends at GrandeStrategy if you should ever need anything.

Connor said...

If the statement of white males holding the majority within the global terrorist population is, in fact, a factual one, then please provide your evidence. I do not wish to argue the point of Islamophobia's presence in the U.S., but what we do not need is the same level of ignorance and anger-fueled ranting on both sides of the table. It's easy to fight oppression and end up just as discriminatory as your opponent. Let's not try to act as if there are not faults and cause for change all across the board. There are many cases of anti-Islamophobic efforts within the U.S., if you care to research a topic so dear to you. You go on about Fox news, and I'm sure you're not a fan of any U.S. based news source (given your blatant bias) but you must not allow yourself to be sucked into their vortex of perception. What's going on within the Islamic-U.S. social relationship entails as many positive reinforcements as negative. If everyone would focus on all the efforts towards smoothing out the heightening tensions, rather than on the events instigating the tension, I think we'd all find ourselves in more productive scenarios.

Meinhaj Hussain said...

Sallam (peace), not sure if you will find Dr. Maxtor here but you can continue your conversation with him at his blog here:
I am not sure exactly what Dr. Maxtor will reply, but my guess will be along the lines:
1. Regarding terrorism - What Israeli Ashkanazi settlers have done constantly over the years to everyone from normal villagers to children. What training camps the US maintains to influence South America. What the CIA does in your name globally. What happened in Bosnia with the complicity of NATO. What the US has been doing in the Muslim world in the last at least 10 years. What Israel does on a daily basis to Palestine.

2. Regarding our supposed "blatant bias" against the US media:

3. anti-Islamophobic efforts, we can see the results (or lack of) these first hand. Having lived in the US for over 5 and half odd years myself I can say that such efforts are tiny compared to what is going on every day. And what goes on every day is invisible to you because of your selective media.

4. Regarding "If everyone would focus on all the efforts towards smoothing out the heightening tensions", for one you need to ask yourself how with all your supposed balancing anti-Islamophobic efforts there is such heightening tensions. That seems a logical flaw in your writing.

5. We aren't going to bend over backwards while you beat us up. We aren't going to "smooth things over" while you are torturing, murdering, exploiting and committing genocide against us, or while you are oppressing us. That policy will only serve to continue the same.

6. You need to figure out what your own country is doing and who are in charge of your country. You need to ask yourselves who controls your banking industry, your entertainment (from Hollywood to porn) and your Ivy League universities. You need to ask yourself what organization is called the "ATM for American politicians".

7. It is meaningless to speak to a person who wants to smooth things over but in his post does not mention a single word of consolation or admittance of Islamophobia. I fear its beyond merely a stiff upper lip and goes down deeper to a bias. When we lose our ability to differentiate between just and unjust, truth and falsehood, light and darkness, we lose our humanity and any ability to reach out.

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