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Call of Duty - Rossendale, Dawah Training Hamza Tzortzis / iERA

Asalaamu Alaikum WaRahmatullah WaBarakatuhu,


by Hamza Tzortzis
  Do you have the passion, drive and dedication to be part of the new
era in dawah? If the answer is yes, then continue reading, as the Call
of Duty has arrived in your city!
  Mission Dawah aims to inspire and motivate those interested in dawah
to become part of the mass movement to call people back to Allah
The first step in the mission is training.
  The Call of Duty training course will give you basic grounding on
how to give dawah in both theory and practice, enabling you to have
both the knowledge and confidence in calling others to Islam
convincingly and in a structured way.
 If this sounds good to you then book your place fast!

 The training will take place this Sunday (21st November 2010) by
international speaker and debater Hamza Tzortzis.
 At the Rawtenstall Youth & Community Centre,
The Old Fire Station,
Burnley Road, Rawtenstall,
Lancashire, BB4 8EW
 To register (and for further details):
  Click Here
or visit
 Places are going fast, and are only for those who are up to
fulfilling the Mission.

Our mailing address is:
321 Crown House
North Circular Road
London, England NW10 7PN
Add us to your address book
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