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Breaking News: 10 Held Captive By Ships Captain in Gaza Aid Efforts

ITS broke into it’s regularly scheduled de-programing to report on a breaking story originating from activist Ken O’Keefe’s Facebook page just hours ago. A press release on the page reads as follows:
“Strofades IV” has broken its moorings, without port permission, and is heading out of Derna Harbour.
The rear door of the ship is half closed, with convoy vehicle B7 stuck on it precariously. It is extremely dangerous.
In the lower deck of the Ro-Ro (rollon rolloff) ship are held hostage:
3 Libyans – (2 port authority policemen, with Colonel Salahuddin Rashin, Manager of Derna Port)
1 Moroccan
1 Algerian
2 Irish
6 UK nationals
The violent Greek owner who is also its captain of “Strofades IV” has just disembarked (as at 22.50 GMT) through a side door of the ship, onto a speed boat. His speed boat has made for another cargo vessel in Derna the harbour – “Odin Finder”.
None of our guys now know who is in charge of Strofades IV, or where it is destined to go.
The ship is empty, apart from the hostages and single convoy vehicle jammed in the doorway. It is making rapid headway to get out to sea.
The matter is a serious breach of every maritime law possible.
We have asked all relevant Embassies to supply urgent, immediate, consular assistance.
We are EXTREMELY concerned for the safety of all the nationals on board.
ITS was able to make contact with a liaison for the “Road to Hope” convoy.  audio here
She was able to confirm that the ship had not yet left the harbor, however the most recent post from O’Keefe less than an hour ago states:
The captain has left the harbour, we are 10 captives.
We will continue to follow this story and urge anyone who wishes to lend a hand to please contact the “lame-stream” media and ask them why this story is not being covered. Thank you all for your efforts as we hope for a peaceful and successful mission for the convoy.
Update: Recently received email update.
Situation increasingly serious. Apparently the ship is heading “to Greece” says one text message from the hostages. However, the rear door of the ship is still not secure. We cannot verify the report of where the ship is heading, but official pressure is being put on Libya to explain what action they are taking to intercept the ship and stop it from proceeding. Any further news, I’ll try to update. As at 3.05 GMT, we remain extremely concerned.
UPDATE – 11/11/2010, 9AM GMT – Ship now in international waters, beyond Libyan control. Relevant governments liaising on safe rescue plan for kidnapped 10 Convoyers & 3 Libyans aboard. Ship owner attempting to extort money, still. However, $75,000 of donations has been reclaimed and is safe. Contact with 10 convoyers stopped; too far out at sea. Still critical.
UPDATE – 11/11/2010 10.50AM GMT – Reports coming in that 4 Libyan navy vessels & two fighter jets are surrounding/tracking the ship, and attempting to bring the vessel back to harbour safely. There are attempts to ensure the 10 kidnapped convoyers and 3 libyans are safely transferred to the Libyan ships, to return them to Derna. There is no force being used – only verbal persuasion being applied to captain of Strofades IV.
The Greek captain, however, was reported to be saying he wanted to proceed to Greek islands and drop off the convoyers and libyans, so that the Greek people could deal with them as illegal immigrants. (It’s as barking as all his previous behaviour and thought processes in recent hours, so that fits a pattern). However, these reports are slightly unclear, but this is what convoyers at Derna port are hearing.
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