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Top Ten Anti-Israel Groups - ADL

The ADL considers the following groups as the best enemies of Israel. Tyler Westbrook of WhyNotNews comments: "they must be doing something right". The anti-war / anti-Israel movement is fragmented and if you are thinking of donating or volunteering, these organizations may provide a good list to start with.

The Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups, as identified by ADL, are:

· Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER)
· Al-Awda
· Council on American-Islamic Relations
· Friends of Sabeel-North America
· If Americans Knew
· International Solidarity Movement
· Jewish Voice for Peace
· Muslim American Society
· Students for Justice in Palestine     Berkeley     Hampshire
· US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Perhaps this list can be a start to building a resource for better concentration of our efforts rather than fragmented work that lacks economies of scale and inefficiently replicates our efforts.

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