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Old Testament Dishonors the Prophets

This is the Second part of a course delivered at Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre ( Yusha Evans has come from the USA to teach this course. He was raised in Greenville, S.C. with a very strict Methodist upbringing. He went to a small Bible college in Greenville and actually had the intention to become a minister or a missionary. He also had interest in becoming a Bible scholar, and was learning to read the Bible in Hebrew and Greek. In December of 1998. After reading the Bible cover to cover, analytically, he began to realize there were a lot of inconsistencies, contradictions. The confusion led him to leave Christianity altogether and he started searching other religions. In this set of 4 videos he discusses how the Old Testament descibes the'll be shocked!!! This Tour was organised by is part 4 of 4 below)

Vision Without Glasses


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