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French Terrorist Attacks Veiled Woman

16th October, 2010

A French terrorist attacked a woman because she was wearing a veil. The traumatized woman was a tourist from Dubai, coming to see the enlightenment of Europe. The Muslima instead, was bitten, scratched, and man-handled by the French assailant in true French hospitality. The French authorities have refused to take appropriate action against the French terrorist. i.e. One who commits violence against civilians for a political objective. No Black Hawk helicopters will be coming down to avenge this crime. Instead, the assailant has been given a mere two-month suspended prison sentence.

France is increasingly becomes a Nazi-style state attempting to discriminate and sideline French Muslims. They are using draconian laws to attempt to erase the Muslim identity from French conscious. However, instead of diminishing, Islam continues to be strengthened by making Muslims yet more conscious about what differentiates them.

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