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FBI Entrapment Targeting Innocent Muslim Americans

GrandeStrategy Press Release: October 12, 2010 -
The FBI is conducting unethical and illegal entrapment of Muslims in Memphis, Tennessee. Innocent Muslims in financial difficulty were made indebted and bullied to download extremist material and watch videos which could then be used to arrest them.

Yusuf Sneed, a Caucasian Muslim convert to Islam and one of those who resisted this entrapment, writes in his blog about how he was given money, computer, free broadband internet and other facilities by FBI Agent Adam Morales. He was then pressurized to print extremist material and watch videos that he then refused. Other unfortunates who printed these materials are now being treated as terrorists.

Other Muslim converts, including one Mark Brown, has been less fortunate. Mark, unable to resist because of dire financial circumstances, living in Adam Morales' front organization, was entrapped by a supposed bank robbery plot that FBI Agent Morales had himself setup and bullied Mark into. By using other FBI thug informants and using the extreme financial difficulties of Muslims who are often jobless because of discrimination, the FBI is generating its own terror and then successfully "foiling" its own ploys.

Unnamed sources in the Muslim diplomatic community are now privately discussing whether this issue needs to be brought to the United Nations and to other international institutions.

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Adam Morales 901-650-6744. he has been calling brothers for what we dont know. Everyone hangs up on him. Let us call him and turn the tables.

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