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Questions We Need to Answer

 Meinhaj Hussain,

I have been attempting to find what, in my opinion, are some key questions regarding an Islamic State or "Khilafa". This represents a draft and a brainstorming of the problems that I see. I am all for an Islamic State but I find it hard to talk to or connect with most people who propound what I apparently also propound.

Building from the key salients below, we need to build a litmus test of scholarship and movements that are seeking to correct these problems Version 1.0:

Work in progress.

Building from the Draft below, reducing rhetoric and summarizing key salients:

Summary 2.1:

1. What form of government?

2. Which example - Medina during Prophet (pbuh)'s rule, first 4 khalifas, khilafath after these or a mixture of all?

3. How will division of power be managed?

4. Is something wrong with our present ideal of Islam
Everything is perfect except implementation

5. Do we need intellectual work to build new economic models based on Shariah, or are present economic and Fiqh robust enough to build a competent system?

6. Do we need to rethink and reconstruct Fiqh as it exists today?

7. Is there a problem with the ulema today?
        Do we need to rethink the division of divine and secular knowledge accepted in the 13th century?
        Reopen the doors to ijtehad?
8. Is there a problem with our Islamic education system, if so, how do we fix this?
9. Shortcomings of the present Muslim Man, how do we reconstruct him?

10. How do we create consensus and an equitable medium of conversation between Muslims about these sensitive issues?

Draft 2.1:

1. What is the Khilafah going to be based on?

2. If we struggle and spend our life and blood in fighting for an Islamic state and end up with another tin-pot dictator, why should we struggle at all?

3. Why is nobody asking the question: what's wrong with us? rather than presenting the same concepts as the cure all for our problems?

4. But whose interpretation of the Shariah?

5. What economic model are we going to build?

6.In a world where gold is an industrial commodity and prices fluctuate near-randomly, we want to surrender our monetary policy to the whims of the gold market? 

7. How can we apply His Laws to the world around us when the ulema only know His Laws and not the world around them?

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