In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Grande Strategy

Letter to China Regarding Iran

This is the draft letter that will insh'Allah be mailed to Chinese authorities regarding the Iran situation. Our official letter in Mandarin is here.

Why is GrandeStrategy engaging in pseudo-diplomatic communication? Because most of the diplomatic corps of the Muslim world today are incompetent, corrupt or do not have the independence to pursue what is in their vital interests. Long gone are the days when Muhammad Asad was Pakistan's Ambassador to the United Nations.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Dear Paramount Leader Hu Jintao and Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi,

[Intro]... an organization that among other things, is seeking to increase cooperation between the Muslim world and China.  We are inclined towards China’s policy of Peaceful Development.  We believe that for Peaceful Development, a certain level of stability in world affairs is required.  One place where this stability has increasingly come under threat is the present crisis where Israel and the United States are openly calling for military operations against Iran.  We have intelligence that Israel is preparing for war:

1. Drills and rehearsals at every level throughout Israel
2. High readiness levels for their reserves
3. Urban combat training in Arab villages to simulate combat possibly in Lebanon
4. Replenishment and stockpiling of key ammunition

We also note that the United States is making its own preparations:

1. Unprecedented concentration of naval power around the Persian Gulf
2. Withdrawal of troops in Iraq from active combat positions to well defended large bases.
3. Official "withdrawal" from Iraq which provides diplomatic cover for Israel to use Iraqi airspace.

It has been observed that the US media is mimicking the media frenzy prior to the Iraq war. The media is providing a steady flow of propaganda giving fact as fiction.
These considerations make it clear to us that a military campaign is a significant possibility. It is of course possible that this is merely brinkmanship. But China cannot base its interests on a best-case scenario.  If a third Gulf War ignites, Chinese interests would be undermined on a number of fronts:
1. Iran, one of the few Gulf oil producers that are not politically controlled by the United States could emerge, post-war as a pro-Western nation.
2. Oil supplies to China would be disrupted during the conflict, detrimental to China’s economic interests.
3. Politically, other developing countries will see the result as a triumph of the United States and the West, and correspondingly a weakness in China’s ability to protect its friends.
4. Chinese commercial investments in Iran and around the Gulf will be harmed.
5. The bargaining chip that Iran represents against the United States vis-à-vis Taiwan will be lost.
6. China and her allies such as Pakistan, will be more comprehensively encircled. US forces in Central Asia will gain a vital strategic supply line independent of Pakistan.

Iran’s present military assets are no match for a full-scale conflict against the West. They have been unable to upgrade their armaments effectively. We propose that China provides modern Long Range SAMs such as the HQ-9, and modern combat aircraft like the J-10 and/or FC-1 to Iran. Such weapon systems would significantly increase the cost of war to the West. They would thus help in stabilizing the present political volatility.  A stable world order, conducive to trade and respectful of national sovereignty of countries, is a necessary prerequisite for China’s policy of Peaceful Development.

We welcome and look forward to closer ties between China and the Muslim World, in a world where peace, stability and prosperity is achieved within a multi-polar world.
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America and isra-hell the sick, so true. I recommend tear up the so-called NPT and go nuclear, that's the only way.

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If this is sick then you are pig

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