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Donate For Pakistan Flood Relief (but be careful who you donate to)

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(see above link for full details, below is some abridged information)

PAKISTAN ARMY FLOOD RELIEF FUND: (Details here) (New: Highly recommended for all donors i.e. within and outside Pakistan)

  • Pakistan Army is not only rescuing hundreds of thousands of the flood victims but also providing to them, on-spot doctors, lady doctors, nurses, paramedics and other supportive personnel country-wide. Pakistan Army has also disengaged and spared for the relief campaign hundreds of engineers and thousands of vehicles of all type incl. boats, planes, helicopters, excavators etc.

  • Also, at relief camps provide cooked food to the victims. All activities are monitored and quality-assured in person by Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani.

  • This is to be noted that Pakistan Military itself has donated its one-day salary- of each and every employee- to the Flood Relief Fund. Moreover, the Independence Day (August 14th Celebrations have been cancelled and the estimated expenditure of these huge celebrations has also been donated to the same. Soldiers, at all levels are tirelessly helping the needy round-the-clock, leaving no itch unscratched I must confess!

    • Possessing the largest Disaster Management Infrastructure, largest fleet of human resource & equipment and all-terrain/air/water vehicles in country, Pakistan Army- while avoiding huge administrative expenditure cut from your aid/charity/donation money- can feed twice as much with the same amount.


* Joining hands with Imran Khan, a programme has been launched in collaboration with “Pukaar”, a social welfare organization of the MKRF (Mir Khalilur Rehman Foundation), to provide relief to flood victims by collecting donations in cash and kind. Imran Khan said that the country is facing the biggest natural calamity faced by any nation in modern history. He said that it is unfortunate that lack of trust in the government’s ability to properly utilize relief funds is resulting in the loss of monetary support, both from domestic and international donors.

* Assuring proper utilization of donations by Imran Khan Flood Relief (IKFR) programme, Imran Khan said that funds would be distributed in a transparent way. He said the programme would devise short and long term strategies, adding that, in the short term, necessary items would be distributed


  • PAKISTANI Donors: SMS/Text “PUKAAR” to 4361 to Donate Rs. 10 to Imran Khan Foundation & MKRF Flood Relief Fund
ONLINE/INTERNET DONATIONS: (Worldwide, via Paypal)

  • Account Title: Imran Khan Flood Relief Fund

  • Account No: 060279007997-03

  • Bank: Habib Bank Ltd. (Any Branch in Pakistan / Worldwide)

  • Swift Code: HABBPKKA (For cash deposits from abroad)
CHEQUE/DRAFT/P.O DONATIONS: (Pakistani Donors Only)

  • All the cheques in name of “IMRAN KHAN FLOOD RELIEF FUND” can be deposited in any branch of TCS.

  • OR, Call at our toll free # 0800-00048 to get your cheque collected from your door step.

  • Beneficiary: The Imran Khan Foundation

  • Bank: United Central Bank, Los Angeles, CA

  • Account Number: 1045418

  • Routing No: 111914852

  • Mail your cheque made out to ‘Imran Khan Foundation’ to:

  • Imran Khan Foundation c/o

  • Shafiq Khan

  • 30 Barcelona

  • Irvine, CA 92614

  • Narjis Ali, DC: 1-571-212-1098

  • Ali Asim Khan, NJ/NY: 1-908-248-2746

  • Dabbir Tirmizi, NJ/NY: 1-973-668-6496
  • Shafiq Khan, West Coast: 1-626-272-9142

EDHI FOUNDATION: (Donate here)
Edhi Foundation is the largest and most organized social welfare system in Pakistan. Foundation works round the clock, without any discrimination on the basis of color, race, language, religion or politics. The Foundation modifies the phrase “Live and let live” to “Live and help live”
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