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Israeli False Flagger Threatened South Park

by Scott Creighton
This is rumor control, here are the facts.”
Yesterday I posted an angry rant directed at “liberal” Jon Stewart for his “Go Fuck Yourselves” segment which was nothing more than his promotion of the “radical, dangerous, freedom-hating Muslim” meme which only serves to stir-up the old Bush-era “fear the bad Muslims” feelings in your average Americans.
Yesterday, I suggested that this entire “Revolution Muslim” threat against the creators of South Park was an obvious ploy designed to demonize Muslims and that if Jon Stewart had fulfilled his responsibility as a journalist, he would have quickly seen past this obviously staged side-show event.
I took a lot of flak for that post. Since then, through most of the night and all of today, I have done more research on the matter and I have come to decide that I stand by my original statement…
Jon Stewart, Go Fuck Yourself. You should have known better.

We liberals and progressives who make up your audience expect this kind of over-hyped “propaganda as news” to pass through what’s laughably called a fact-check filter at places like the New York Times or Fox News, but the people who watch your show, Mr. Stewart, expect something with a little more integrity out of you.  Maybe this should be our wake-up call.
Or maybe it should be yours.
So yes, I have carefully reviewed all the info I can find on the matter and this is what I can bring to the table…. Revolution Muslim is probably a CIA “Mockingbird” type operation designed to create fear and loathing of “radical” Muslims.
First: The “radical Muslims” didn’t threaten to kill Matt and Trey… a fact often overlooked by “news” organizations bringing you this story.
In fact, NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said what they did was not a crime.  Now how is that possible after all of this breathless blogging and outrage from people like Jon Stewart? This is what was actually said on the Revolution Muslim website…
We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show. This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them. Revolution Muslim 
The website also posted an image of Theo Van Gogh lying on the ground dead after being stabbed. Now, one can say that the threat is implied, and that is valid to me (In fact, there is an ex-reader from this site who is facing charges for implied threats that weren’t even on this level, if they were even threats at all (the now famous “rat story”)). However… I receive death threats pretty regularly, most political bloggers of this nature do. The threats are rather specific. But does the world shut down? Do I take them seriously? No. 
Did Matt and Trey take the threat seriously? No, according to Matt and Trey. In fact, their show that got censored actually included a veiled reference to the last time they portrayed the Muslim prophet Muhammad in which one of the characters comments “and nothing happened”, or something to that effect. 
So, “the reality” of what would likely happen, was NOTHING.  Nothing was likely to happen.
The language was not a death threat, South Park’s history proves there was nothing to worry about, and the New York Police Commissioner said there was no crime committed.
So why all the hype? That is the good question…
Second: It was a stupid blog entry on a website no one sees which is obviously a fake “radical” Muslim site designed to foster hatred toward Muslims.
Revolution Muslim was founded in 2007 by Yousef al-Khattab (born Joseph Cohen) and Younes Abdullah Muhammad who are both converts to Islam. In late December 2009, Khattab (Cohen) is reported to have left the website. In early April 2010 (just in time?) Younes also quit the site.  Now it was reported that in Dec. 2009, when Khattab (Cohen) left the site,  Abdullah as-Sayf Jones (born David Scott Jones) was put in charge.  Jones (Jones) may have also quit the group in April claiming to have embraced the Ashari Aqeedah and had become a practitioner of Sufism.
So far, that is three of the 5 or so people of “Revolution Muslim” that are actually alleged converts to Islam, with at least one of them being a former Israeli settler (Cohen). But, there is another member of Revolution Muslim, Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee and he too just happens to be a convert to Islam. 
Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee (aka Zach Chesser) lives in Virginia and he is taking the “heat” for being the one who posted the “warning” to Matt and Trey. He showed up on Fox News and did an interview.  Amrikee (Chesser) attended George Mason University, for how long, it is not clear. According to the story he was “radicalized” at that point sometime, but there isn’t much on that either.  Chesser lives in Fairfax, Co. Va. and attended Oakton High School.
Now here’s the interesting part… how does a site that isn’t really getting many page views and that average Muslims consider a CIA “trap” site, end up getting prime-time coverage every time they make a ridiculous claim or statement designed to piss people off? How did their “death threat” that wasn’t a death threat shut down Comedy Central and dominate the news cycle for several days?  Revolution Muslim didn’t have many subscribers, not many page views… so how did that happen?
This might help answer those questions…
Remember where Fox News reported in a subtly free article called “Road to Radicalism“ that the “converted” terrorist, Zach Chesser lived? Fairfax county.  Guess what else is in Fairfax county Virginia?  That’s right… just 9 short miles from where the “radical” Muslim went to high school in Oakton, straight up route 123, is a little office known as Langley… the CIA. Look at this Google image. You can see in the middle is the county marker (Fairfax) and in the bottom left is Oakton (where his high school was) and in the upper right just inside that little dip in the parkway is the main offices of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Now that might all be a coincidence you say. The site is staffed by all converted Muslims… one used to live on an Israeli settlement after attending orthodox rabbinical school in Israel… they always say the worst thing at the worst time that makes everyone hate Muslims… they get an unusual amount of attention from the MSM press… the “radicalized” Muslim who made the threats in the first place gave his interview over the phone to Fox News from right down the road from the Central Intelligence Agency.
Now, this might all be circumstantial, you say… not enough, you say…. well, do you remember what college Zach Chesser attended? George Mason University (GMU). GMU has been running programs in conjunction with the CIA for a long time. This is a CIA gaming exercise sign-up that was just held April 7th of this year
CIA Intelligence Analysis/Gaming Exercise. Students interested in working with CIA:  Have you ever wondered what intelligence analysts do? Want to learn more about working for the CIA?
Join us for a simulation of a fast-moving international security crisis. You will play the role of an intelligence analyst. 
The CIA has been fishing for new talent at George Mason University for years and years. GMU is still in Fairfax county and nestled right between the CIA and the PENTAGON. 
Now this doesn’t prove that Revolution Muslim is a CIA COINTELPRO site but it damn sure goes a long way to help support that case. And when you throw it in the mix with everything else we have learned, it looks more and more like a CIA op every single day.
Third: Every time something happens in the news, Revolution Muslim shows up or makes a statement that is sure to make everyone hate them.
Some of Revolution Muslim’s earlier efforts to make people hate “radical” Muslims… and they always seem to get a lot of attention from the MSM don’t they?
Operation Mockingbird was a secret Central Intelligence Agency campaign to influence domestic and foreign media beginning in the 1950s. 
This is early Revolution Muslim with Joseph Cohen playing the role of Khattab… he has as a prop a doll made up to be a U.S. soldier called “Justin the Imperialist” . This ridiculously stupid and contrived performance got a plug  on Fox News… just in case you missed the webcast…
Joseph Cohen as "radical" Muslim
This clip is of a CNN prime time story about Revolution Muslim “rejoicing in the Fort Hood attacks
This clip is of another CNN propaganda piece at a  Mosque where a real Imam is speaking about non-violence and Revolution Muslim shows up outside calling for terrorism.
This is the “Big Scary Knife” photo with his M-16 and his floral pattern overstuffed chair and matching bedsheet backdrop…
Joseph Cohen does Martha Stewart "Living" Show
This is Revolution Muslim taking advantage of the crash of the plane with the President of Poland and his family. He states that the president and his family are burning in hell.
As your President’s soul enters a ditch from Hellfire, in sha’a Allah, along with his advisors and his family, you now have a oppurtunity to rethink your failing operations in Afghanistan. RM 
and last but certainly not least, this is Revolution Muslim going for broke killing two birds with one stone, so to speak….
This is Joseph Cohen pretending to be a “radical” Muslim, Revolution Muslim, holding in one hand a picture of Israel being blown up with a nuclear weapon… (demonizing Iran perhaps?) and in the other hand he is clearly holding a book by Norman Finkelstein ( a leading critic of far right Israeli policy who just happens to be a Jewish man born to two parents who lived through the Holocaust)… I mean, you can’t get better propaganda than this folks…
(oops. As a reader graciously pointed out, the book in the picture below seems to be Noam Chomsky’s Understanding Power:The Indispensable Chomsky. Chomsky is also Jewish, by the way, and a long-time critic of Israel’s policies in the West Bank and Gaza. So it still makes sense that Cohen would want to associate him with “Islamofascists”. thanks mason. I never noticed how Chomsky then looks like Finkelstein now)
Triple A rated Propaganda!!!!
Now I don’t know about you folks, but for my money, knowing all of this, I don’t think I would be spending much time on Jon Stewart’s show talking about how those “radical” Muslims are trying to kill our freedoms.
You get the message Stewart? As propaganda goes, this is laughable and obvious when you take a moment and look at the bigger picture. You wouldn’t have missed all this under the Bush administration… you’re slippin bud.
Someone email this to The Daily Show… I need a nap…
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