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Israel Behind Hariri Assassination

Staff Writer
8th August, 2010

New evidence unearths an Israeli hand in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. The Hezbollah, reacting to continued propaganda against it, has released Israeli drone surveillance images
of the location of the blast, Hariri's routes and nearby strategic locations including coastline. The Hezbollah has been tapping into the communications link between Israeli drones and their control stations. 

This "hack" has helped it on a number of occasions where it was able to know exactly what the enemy was interested in. Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, reaveled these game-changing evidences at a recent press conference. He calls for an impartial hearing of the Hariri case. The international tribunal's continued ignorance of evidences against Israel and its unwillingness to investigate any group other than Syria and Hezbollah is now in sharper focus.

Israel has a long history of political assassinations and has been caught on numerous occasions spying on Lebanon and on Hariri, including his movement patterns. Nasrullah provides evidence from caught spies who openly admit to marking Hariri. He also provides video images of Israeli drones and combat aircraft over Beirut on the day of the crime.

Meanwhile, Israeli spy Ghassan Jedd continues to remain missing, having exited Lebanon in 2009. Ghassan was allegedly at the crime scene. The international media suspiciously remains muted, in stark contrast to their rapid correlation of the Harriri assassination and Hezbollah.

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