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Israel and US's Impending Attack on Iran

THIS VIDEO IS NOT MEANT TO SCARE ANYONE. Israel and the US are likely to soon attack Iran based on US military assets being concentrated in the region, reduction and movement of US troops to large hardened bases in Iraq, major war drills and preparations in Israel at every level and increasing media war buildup in the US mimicking the Iraq invasion. This is the official version being sent to Iranian officials.

Accompanying Text :
(see also letter to China on the same issue. The Official letter to China in Chinese is here)
Dear ....,

Assallamalaikum. [Intro of who we are...]

We are pro-Iran and want to see Iran prosper. We have been observing with increasing concern at the growing belligerence and hostility of Israel and the United States against Iran. We have intelligence that Israel is preparing for war:

1. Replenishment and stockpiling of key ammunition
2. High readiness levels for their reserves
3. Urban combat training in Arab villages to simulate combat possibly in Lebanon
4. Drills and rehearsals at every level throughout Israel

We also note that the United States is making its own preparations:

1. Unprecedented concentration of naval power around the Persian Gulf
2. Withdrawal of troops in Iraq from active combat positions to well defended large bases.
3. Official "withdrawal" from Iraq which provides diplomatic cover for Israel to use Iraqi airspace.

It has been observed that the US media is mimicking the media frenzy prior to the Iraq war. The media is providing a steady flow of propaganda giving fact as fiction.

These considerations make it clear to us that a military campaign is a significant possibility. It is of course possible that this is merely brinkmanship. But Iran cannot base its security on a best-case scenario. Iran must prepare for the worst. Our judgment is that the time span for an attack is between 3 months to 2 years.

We understand that the Iranian government is composed of competent men. However, it may not be harmful to look at an outside perspective. We present you our views and analysis of the situation and how best Iran can prepare for it. We do so with the utmost of good intentions and the deepest love for our Iranian brothers and sisters. Please forgive us for anything we say which may be hurtful, wrong or amiss. Anything that is wrong is from ourselves and the accursed shai'than and anything that is good and true is from Allah subhan'ahut'Allah.

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Anonymous said...

Israel to strike Iran is only bluff, nonsense, bull lies like the bible written.

Shahid Mahmood said...

Pakistan and pakistani nation has always did for UMMAH,he islamic world,either to palisteanins,or fghanistan,we made nuclears bombs 100+,more then dozen type of missilles,pakistan NAVY ships,and submarines aretipped with nukes.Israel knows that out of 57 muslim countries,it is only Pakistan,can wipe out israel from the map of globe so they economically harms us you musims shouldhelp as you have oil.

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