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Iranian Ghadir Class Littoral Submarine

Numbers in Service: 3
Dimensions: L 30m, W 2.8m
Displacement : 140 tons (dived)
Crew: 5
Speed: 10kts / 8kts
Powerplant: Diesel-electric
Armament: 2-4 torpedoes. Skhval rocket torpedoes or 4-8 mines.

These submarines are smaller size boats possibly imported from North Korea. The submarines resemble the Yugo Class of Yugoslavian boats. The Ghadir has conventional cruciform tail fins.

The Ghadir poses a serious threat to any confrontation between Iran and the West/Israel. They could potentially fire Shkval rocket torpedoes but is more likely to be used for laying mines, given a likely lack of targeting capabilities. They could also be used for infiltration by special forces, but Iran has smaller submarines for such operations. While they are likely to be relatively noisy and exposed in the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf, they are likely to be potentially dangerous further South in the Indian Ocean, where conditions are near perfect for submarine warfare.

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