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Where are we in history?

Where are we in history? Perspective on how to respond to the difficult circumstances that exist in the Muslim world today.


Assallamalaikum. Muslims. We need your help. The Muslim Ummah needs your help. Muslims are dying, Muslims are being persecuted, Muslims are being murdered, Muslims are being collectively imprisoned, Muslims are being tortured, Muslims are being raped, Muslims are being mass murdered. From Algeria to the Philipines, from Chechnya to Somalia. And this cannot go on. We need to do something about it. 

But what can we do about it. Before we can do anything about it. We need to know what’s going on. How did this happen. How can this change. We need to be well-versed with the what, where, when, why and how. Today, insh’Allah, I will talk to you about how this state of affairs has come to be – where are we in history?

For over a thousand years, Muslims have been the reigning power of the world. But the Uthman Empire is no more, and its tiny fragments are today being dominated by foreign powers. These foreign powers are using their force of arms, but more importantly, these foreign powers are using their ideologies. They are using their ideologies to keep us dependent, economically, politically, industrially, technologically, morally and even spiritually through Hollywood.

This process did not start now, this process has flowed steadily through history. Spain in the 15th Century, Al Maghrib under France, the Crusades in Palestine, Uthman Europe after WWI, Russian and later Soviet Central Asia, British India, and we can go on and on. More recently, Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechnya, Algeria, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, all over the Muslim world. They kill a couple of million of us every chance they get. This cannot go on. Vivid images of murder, of torture bring tears to our eyes every day. But what can we do, we are helpless. How can we change this.
As individuals, we can do very little. As individuals we can be locked up. We can be turtured, we can be murdered, We can be imprisoned. As individuals we can be thrown into a ditch with a bullet in our head. But collectively, as an Ummah of 1.6 billion Muslims insh’Allah we cannot be defeated. Insh’Allah we can fight back. Insh’Allah we can be victorious. What collective method can we use. Hayal hadi, hadi Muhammad (pbuh). The best example, the best method, is the example, the method of Muhammad (pbuh). What was his example.

In Mekkah we were being murdered, we were being tortured, we were being persecuted, we were being hurt as we are being hurt today , we were being humiliated as we are being humiliated today. How did the Prophet (pbuh) deal with this situation. The Prophet (pbuh) did not send men to mindlessly slaughter people in the market places of Mekkah. That was not the example of Muhammad (pbuh). The Prophet (pbuh) did not leave his people behind at the mercy of the Mekkans and head for the hills to fight a guerrilla war. This was not the example of Muhammad (pbuh). This was the example of Robinhood. 

What did the Prophet (pbuh) do? The Prophet (pbuh) migrated to Medina. He established the first Islamic state. Using the power – the economic power, political power, military power – of Medina we fought back. We fought the Quraish and we were victorious, Alhamdulillah. Eventually we conquered Mekkah. That is the example we should follow. And to follow this example, we need to establish our Medina. We need to establish this today, in this time. This part of history. And that is the most important step to fight back and stop what is going on today. 

Join us, let us all together, as a Muslim Ummah establish an Islamic state. Let us fight with our hearts, our minds, our resources, all that we have, to establish an Islamic state. To put an end to what is going on today, and what will go on unless we do something about it. Thank you for your time. And Allah knows best. Assallamalaikum.
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