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India Opposes Sanctions Against Iran

Sat, Apr 17 06:10 AM

Brasilia, April 17 (IANS) India opposed a drive by western countries to impose new sanctions against Iran at the recently concluded IBSA and BRIC summits here.

There was a free exchange of views on Iran, where the Indian prime minister opposed sanctions and advocated dialogue to resolve the Iranian issue, Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma told journalists Saturday. Iran needs to be engaged, he said.

At the BRIC summit held in Brasilia Friday, leaders of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) agreed that the sanctions against Tehran will be counter productive and advocated diplomacy to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis.

IBSA countries are India, Brazil and South Africa.
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Anonymous said...

Take a look at this from the New York Times:

China seems to be playing both ends against the middle, eh? Interesting way the tiny little correction was made at the end of the article.

The truth is said...

India can say whatever they like to sound good to Iran but they know they no affect unless they take action, which will likely not happen.

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