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Review:, Muslim Online Video Portal

by GrandeStrategy Staff
03/04/10 is a Muslim online video portal and visual platform promoting Islamic intellectual content. We recently had a chance to interact with the founder, Rehan Iqbal who was happy to share his experience with us. The following is based on our exchange. 

Question: Please tell us a little about in your own words. has an objective to create a high quality online video portal for the Muslim community. We aim to bring scholars from all different backgrounds and supply the audience with a relevant message for them. Aside from the lectures, we also have some other sections of the website - 'Acapella' (where we get nasheed artists/poets to perform some pieces just vocally), 'My Story' (where famous Muslim converts give their story on how they came to Islam) and 'Words of Wisdom' (where scholars from around the world give their advice to the viewing audience).

Question: Please tell us a little about yourself and how you came up with

The idea of came to me shortly after I had finished my term as president of my university ISOC (known as MSA in America). I had been to a lot of talks and realised that the effects of the words were only staying with attendees for a few days. I wanted to create a way in which people could reaccess those words and feel revitalised every once in a while. That is where came about. And we wanted to create an atmosphere of being special - so all the content on is custom to ourselves.

Question: What is your vision of How do you see develop in the future?

In the future, we want to take international. We are currently building up our portfolio for our national UK launch (April 2011) - after which point, we will be looking to expand to lands further away. The ultimate aim for the future would be to have live event streaming on the website. This way, people from far away will be able to have access to the lectures as they are being delivered.

Question: What have been some challenges that you have faced?

The main challenge we have faced is from people who are not happy with a variety of speakers. We have speakers from all backgrounds on our website - and some people only want to see a certain kind of speaker on the site. We aim to bring unity through the website, but unfortunately, some people do not want to see that happen. Aside from that, the overwhelming response to the website has been positive.

Question: Is there any last words you would like to add?

Lastly, would just like to say that we hope everyone enjoys the content on the website and do spread the word to those who you think may benefit. We are always open to suggestions - so if anyone has any feedback, then do let us know on 

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