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Economic Management - Preface


When a nation becomes corrupt and cynical, as Pakistan has, and prefers the rule of men and not the rule of law, it has entered upon its own destruction. For men never learn from history and they do so at their peril.. The power of the negative is so much more powerful than the power of the positive.

We have much smallness in us. Petty as we are, we have not learnt to stand on our own too feet. The petty, bureaucrat, glowing in his negative power, unwilling to stand by his convictions, and having inadequate courage, serving every power broker that came, fiddling with rules and laws, seeking vengeance against those who have gone before hand.

The articles to the press were written so as to put before the public the long and unique experience of my life in Public Interest. I have been always subject to transfers at odd hours.  The reason for that is the independent bent of mind that has been created by playing the game of cricket. When facing vicious bowlers, one stands in front of a gale and there is no one but you. The game is such a teacher and such a leveler.

[Editor's note: Dr. Altaf played international cricket for Pakistan and has been closely connected to the Pakistan cricket team, as manager and as the chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board].

The fact is that the world is for every Pakistani. The few who are ruling the economic world need to understand that they stand to lose in the long run unless they understand some of the basic tenets of equity. Pakistan has lost its bearings socially. It will have to come to terms. It is better to do it voluntarily. Remember the French Revolution. There may come a time when the anger and frustration may touch those heights. Do not look far. Accommodation may end. It will not be possible to feel sorry after the event.

Editor's Note: It is surprising and  yet revealing that a long serving top bureaucrat like Dr. Altaf would warn of a coming revolt. Yet, from an Islamic perspective, insh'Allah this perhaps serves as our "opportunity". The inequity and corruption of the ruling elite provides us as much of an opportunity as the socialist revolutions at the beginning of the 20th century. Yet the sensitive nature of the present disposition of Pakistan means that our best route remains a peaceful internal revolt rather than the blood baths of the Bolshevik Revolution. 

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