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I have been sensitized to the farmers' plight for some time now. I have seen them serve the nation in terms of demanding much less than what they gave the country. Time and again when things in the economic system went astray, they came back to support the nation. They have been truly undemanding of anything. But for how long will you like to roll them?


..there has been, over the years, growing disrespect for partisan policies and policies that aggravate the social scene.


Pakistan does not, and cannot, belong to the few. Nor can it belong to the parochial and the prejudiced. It is in a diffferent realm. The politics of hate can be done away with only by a liberalized regime. Wherever there is a case for the benefits to a limited people, matters will always falter. Judgments made and mistakes made that are unintentional are capable of correction. Intentional mistakes are not curable.


Meritocracy has been on the back burner for sometime. Canine virtues of loyalty were in demand. Whosoever followed that path is destined to suffer. These were inhuman actions and against the grain of decency. The punishment comes late, but come it will.


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