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Economic Management: Dreams & Hopes

"Economic Management, Dreams and Hopes" is the title of a book by Dr. Zafar Altaf, a former Secretary of Agriculture of Pakistan and one of the most efficient civil servant of recent times. Following will be edited excerpts from his book along with commentary.

Pakistan was an experiment to create an Islamic state in the hopes and dreams of men like Allama Iqbal that sought a resurgent and enlightened Islam. The experiment thus far has not been successful. This book goes some way to show why, at the basic economic and political level this has been so. Behind the back cover, it reads:

In a satirical tone, the book analyses the problems and policies that led u into a mess and shows that, even if our dreams have not yet come true, there is hope that, some day, they will be fulfilled.
It is in those hopes and dreams that I present to you Dr. Zafar Altaf's thoughts and analysis. May Allah guide us to the right path.


Meinhaj Hussain
PS: Please be patient as I take my time putting it all down.


The First Page

Macro Economics
1. Autoscopic Vision
2. Bandit Capitalism
3. Capitalism Contradictions
4. Capitalism's Threats
5. Capitalism's Social Contract
6. Cheat Economics
7. Growth Indicators
8. Introspective Economic Ethics
9. Open Economy Options
10. Reversing Economic Equations
11. The Fragility of Pakistan's Budget
12. The Politics of Pakistan's Economy
13. The Swine and Slope Economics
14. Input - Output Legacy

Instruments & Outcomes

1. Curbing Inflation - Creating Wealth
2. Economic Concentration
3. Economic Disruptions
4. Economic Hypocrisy
5. Designing Interventions

1. Black Bara Market
2. Market and Economic Efficiency
3. Free Markets
4. Free Market Fantasies
5. Justice in the Free Markets
6. Market Impeders
7. Market Theologists
8. Price Versus Productivity
9. Capitalism's Disaster.. Poultry Industry
10. Burgerization of Pakistan

The Last Page
Vision Without Glasses


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