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US Court Ordered Child Sexual Abuse

by Rajab Vaughan

I noticed on Aljazeera International that there were a very large number of orphaned toddlers from the Haiti earthquake. I am fairly sure that the U.S. will swoop down on those children under the guise of humanitarianism. I can tell you from personal experience (backed up by documentation) that children, for the U.S. government, are nothing more than a commodity. The Orphans of Haiti have a high probability of being used in the child pornography/sex industry. 

(outside of the ones used by the criminally controlled media, as a photo opportunity to show a face of goodwill) These children will be a boon to a U.S. Child Pornography industry that is usually covering-up the abduction of at least 100 children a day. You can find many "conspiracy theory" web sites about it, but I will show you the real facts of one case, and an insight into the child porn industry supported by the United States....all the way down to the local police. Below are the actual documents for one insider who was time and time again given governmental favor.

He should have been deported, but was not.
He should have been prosecuted for raping a 3 year old girl (his daughter) while making child porn but was not.
He should have been convicted of attempted Murder for assaulting and raping his wife although told not to by the Aids Foundation Services who counseled him..
He should have been sent to a penitentiary for defrauding Housing Urban Development (HUD) on three counts but was not.
His wife should have gotten custody of the child when she filed for divorce because her husband and the father of her child did not disclose his HIV positive status or his sex crime history, when he married her, but the child remained in his custody.
The Courts should have placed her with her mother or at least a foster parent when the children's hospital emergency room found a vaginal infection, torn hymen and bruises consistent with being tied up, but they chose not to protect this 3 year old child from her HIV positive, molesting father. They chose to keep the child away from the protective mother and in the custody of the criminal, molesting father who has multiple arrests for sex crimes including one for manufacture and sale of child pornography in Texas.
Does this seem surreal?....look at the documents and listen to the little girl describe what her father did to her (on a video that the courts would "NOT" allow as evidence against the father, and for the mother).
When I posted these things while in the U.S. I (her new husband) was targeted and persecuted by the local authorities. The (now) ex-wife of the HIV positive child molester "Yah Badran" was followed by black governmental cars, after going to the F.B.I. with the child pornography evidence. We were woken up at 4 am by the local police and informed that they knew she had abducted the child. In fact, the courts would not tell her where the father had taken the child when she demanded to know only a few months earlier (as was her right according to the law).
All of this happened in the same County. and about ten mile from where the "McMartin Pre-school abductions" and child pornography filmings had happened. These same courts were in collusion with the local authorities and the "Federal Government" (who supports them by giving them millions of dollars in C.A.P.T.A. funds for children who are placed with the sexually abusive parents)
By the way, The woman to whom this happened is totally above reproach. A daughter of a thirty year senator from Algeria with a degree as a veterinarian with no criminal record.
Still think the U.S. is the best place for these innocent young children?
Look at the documents and listen to the tapes of one HIV positive pedophile and child pornographer and criminal who the U.S. government seems to give "Carte Blanche" too.
I was a gung-ho supporter of my country when I first started to help Lynda Loucif fight for her child. (I was the son of a U.S. Marine Corps Drill Instructor and a Vietnam war-era veteran who "joined to serve" his country) So you see, all of this evidence (shown below) is posted by a man who was skeptical that his country (the USA) could be this dastardly. I was trying to prove my country RIGHT at first and I was devastated when I finally realized the truth. It was not the truth that I was hoping to find. It was not a truth that would vindicate my country and the American Ideal. It was just the opposite of what I was hoping for and expecting to find.
I am sorry if that bursts your bubble. That is not my intent. Keeping children from becoming pedophile food or being used to milk the system for money is my intention. I hope our nightmarish experience with the Governments (state, federal, county and municipal) of the United States will put others on guard, open their eyes and blow the cover off this game, which is being played by some very evil and powerful people.
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